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    Remove Pattern always seems to work :)
    After I submitted that one, I immediately thought of other things I could have done to it, like shadowing her cleavage and adding garter straps, but overall I’m happy with it.

    My second submission is a bit simpler. Part Victorian, part Southern, part porcelain doll. And I actually did some shading!
    Southern Victorian photo Timedrop23-SouthernVictorian_zpsb1ad128a.png



    I decided to do surfwear for my third Fashion Week submission:
    Surfer Style photo Timedrop23-SurferStyle_zpsb01fbe8d.png



    I love how you’ve made the surfboard.



    Thanks, JR!
    Glad to see you made power-user this week.
    Some awesome stuff in your portfolio, man. You got me taking notes last night.



    Glad to see my “Southern Victorian” dress made the Fashion Show poll this week. I feel unworthy, guys.
    *Wayne’s World bow* to Trekkie for the shading and awesome face detail–so realistic!
    *Wayne’s World bow* also to djuby for his creative use of items on the dress and that awesome face make-up. I’m almost tired of seeing you win contests, but this image shows all the reasons why you should.

    Also noticed Six L’Orange, my Clockwork cabaret entry made honorable mention. The hair gap was somewhat intentional in that I was inspired by the strangeness of Clockwork Orange, but gave no thought to the physics of hair growth. As for the right hand, it’s a pose thing where she’s supposed to be (with some degree of sexual suggestiveness) pointing to her Clockwork number. Maybe a different sized hand? I tried having her hold various knives and polearms in that hand but nothing looked right with the tie and other elements in play.



    I decided to keep the Clockwork coming with my One O’Clock character.

    Name: Prima
    Titles Held: Princess of Unaria, Captain of the Alpha Centauri
    Race: Alien
    Birthplace: The planet Unaria)
    Powers: Adaptive muscle memory, superior marksmanship, ability to sense precious metals. Also carries twin energy blades and a variety of small arms and conventional bladed weaponry.
    Bio: Prima was born to King Priam of Unaria, a planet-kingdom on the outskirts of our solar system. As silicon-based life forms, Unarians feast on precious metals, and can perceive these metals psychically in much the same way that we can smell cooked meat or rotten vegetables. Though both of our genders present in Unarian society, they reproduce asexually, giving birth to a single offspring at a time. As a result there is little genetic variation among them; all Unarians have yellow skin and blue hair and eyes, developing their individuality only through their style of dress (though as a desert planet similar to Mars, the only pigment available for dyeing cloth is red). As a consequence of their evolution into an efficient, self-sustaining monarchy, Unarians are born with an instinctive and adaptive muscle memory that allows them to perform even the most complex of behaviors after only a single observation.
    But as you may guess, even the most perfect utopia is bound to collapse eventually. The chink in Unaria’s armor proved to be Princess Prima herself. From a young age, the future ruler of her homeworld was a restless soul. Not content to live a life of pampered seclusion that rested on the backs of a mindlessly indentured horde, Prima would one day use her coming-of-age ceremony as an opportunity to escape in her father’s personal cruiser–the only one on the entire planet–and live out her dream of traveling the galaxy.
    As she was later hijacked by the pirate crew of the Alpha Centauri, the wayward princess had no idea of the repercussions of her actions. With a new cruiser at his command (not to mention a military force consisting of the entire Unarian populace), a furious King Priam would cut a swath of destruction throughout the known universe, causing the destruction of many inhabited planets, including Black Marble’s home planet of Mord’r.
    Using her innate muscle memory, Prima was able to memorize and counter the fighting styles of everyone on board the Alpha Centauri, thereby earning her place as captain of the ship. Oblivious of the destruction happening in her wake, the newly appointed Captain Prima steered her crew throughout the galaxy, plundering the planets’ precious metals, until her extrasensory system led the Alpha Centauri to Earth, where her father had arrived in advance of her expedition and invoked a state of martial law to force her surrender.
    The Alpha Centauri would be lost in the ensuing battle, but Black Marble and a legion of Earth’s greatest heroes eventually turned back the invasion.
    The King would permit his (now disowned) daughter and the former crew of the Centauri to remain on Earth as ambassadors of peace between Earth and their respective planets.
    Given their personal history, Prima and Black Marble would clash repeatedly over the years, until Prima was approached by Six L’Orange with an offer to join her Clockwork team.



    Here is my (first? last? only? I don’t know yet) entry into the PD Amalgamation contest, a cross between Bulletman and Rocketman a.k.a. Jetman, named Warhead.
    Warhead photo Timedrop23-Warhead_zps37f3e955.png



    OK, so I decided to do a second PD Amalgamation. Cat-Man combines with Black Cat to make Cat-Woman.
    Cat-Woman photo Timedrop23-Cat-Woman_zpsbc450026.png



    No shading on this one, but the Cat-Woman character gave me an idea to amalgamate her sidekick. Kit Weston (a.k.a. Black Kitten, Black Cat’s sidekick) crosses with Katie Conn (a.k.a. Kitten, Cat-Man’s sidekick) to make Katie Weston, who I got the idea to do a character progression shot of.
     photo Timedrop23-ThreeFacesofKatieWeston_zpsf795c53a.png
    Center in the shot, we have Katie Weston as the amalgamated Kitten, Cat-Woman’s young sidekick, in a costume more inspired by the Black Kitten half of the amalgamation.
    As we know from the Cat-Man and Kitten wiki pages, Katie Conn aged quite quickly in the course of Cat-Man’s run. So I did a more adult, more modern age (but still keeping the sexualizing to a minimum) look for Katie Weston that leaned more to Cat-Man and Kitten’s costume style. Thinking herself a bit more grown up, Katie now goes by the name Cat-Girl, in honor of her mentor and crime-fighting partner.
    I also thought about what might happen to Katie Weston after Cat-Man’s ninth death, and where the guardian tigress spirit might go after her services are no longer required. So I elected to make Katie the host body for the Tigress, which Katie also adopts as her third superhero identity. Whereas Cat-Woman had developed her cat-like powers over a period of years, the newly mantled Tigress could channel her powers at will directly from her guardian spirit by touching the tiger symbol on her forehead. Her speed, strength, and agility while in a channeled state were many times greater than those of the late Cat-Woman. Unlike Cat-Woman, however, Tigress must theoretically be in her channeled state in order to survive a fatal wound (which she can do up to nine times). When not in the heat of battle–or when she’s just plain civilian Katie Weston–she presumably does not have access to her resurrection power. But with benevolent spirits, you just never know….



    Sorry, I’m a little behind (words you’ll never hear from J-Lo or Kim Kardashian) on my character posts. First, I’ll round out the Amalgam submissions by crossing Daredevil (Bart Hill) and Red Panther, two characters who have been ret-conned by their respective companies. Both have had white costumes originally (which I may use in the future to create a sidekick for the amalgam character), but I felt slightly more inspired by the newer red costumes, creating Red Devil as my ultimate amalgamation.
    Red Devil photo Timedrop23-RedDevil_zpsbd3b22e8.png
    He can teleport short distances, appearing and disappearing in a flash of red light, and has superior marksmanship skills with both the bow and arrow and the boomerang. Red Devil’s bow is actually made to transform into a boomerang at the push of a button.



    A small note: my Warhead character (amalgamated from Bulletman and Rocketman–a.k.a. Jetman) made the polls for that week’s contest.



    I just added a profile picture to my account, which comes from an early, pre-forum character of mine. IntroSpectre is kind of the “me as a superhero” character, although he is a much better computer programmer than I am. And psychic, too. So I re-made him as my first entry into the Psychics contest.
    IntroSpectre photo Timedrop23-Introspectre_zps7480dcd5.png
    Name: Albert Wilson
    Alias: The IntroSpectre
    Race: Human (but maybe not entirely)
    Birthplace: La Mesa, California
    Powers: Immunity from mind control, mind-hacking through eye contact (can also hack his own mind, opening up other power possibilities such as immunity from pain, enhanced strength, memory, senses, or anything else the human brain has an effect on).
    Bio: Albert Wilson was once a shy Computer Science student working his way through college by bagging groceries at the local supermarket, where he also awkwardly pursued a relationship with his co-worker, Faith.
    But everything changed when a single Decay walked through the front door, ultimately infecting everyone in the store except Faith (who later went missing), Albert (who survived an infection attempt by burning his own arm with lighter fluid), and their manager Jaime, who called the authorities but chose to make a final stand in his office, knowing full well that a desperate Albert was going to use the store’s propane reserves to blow up the building as a last resort against the rapidly spreading Plague.
    Albert had earlier emerged victorious in a battle of wits against the mind-controlling organism. In the exchange, he put his theory into practice that the human brain was merely a sophisticated computer, and so forever firewalled his mind against the Plague’s influence.
    But following his escape from the infected supermarket and subsequent evasion of the approaching authorities, it became evident that his contact with the Plague had instilled in him powers beyond his control. For instance, Albert discovered that by making eye contact with any given person (or animal, unfortunately), he could do what he called “introspection,” linking mind-to-mind and effectively hacking that individual’s brain for good or ill.
    Like a surgeon however, Albert quickly learned that he had to tread lightly with whatever mind he found himself in; that he could literally become lost in thought, or if he failed to approach an introspection with finesse, he might risk destroying a person’s psyche or killing them altogether.
    As Albert’s accidental victims began to pile up and word began to spread of more incidents like the grocery store explosion, a special police task force, led by Detective Rick Mitchell, were closing in on their prime suspect: Albert Wilson, a.k.a. “The IntroSpectre.”
    Following several important events, including Albert’s five-year sentence in a mental institution (for arson, assault, the unexplained brain-deaths of over twenty people, and the disappearance of his “girlfriend” Faith Heller), his release into the custody of Detective Mitchell to assist in the Faith case, the global spread and horrifying evolution of what the CDC was calling the Hydra Virus, and the arrival of another parasitic race known as the Vax, an optometrist friend of Detective Mitchell’s would fashion a pair of glasses whose lenses were infused with Vax blood to dampen the effects of Albert’s IntroSpectre powers.



    For the third week in a row, I have a character in the polls. This week’s qualifier is everyone’s favorite psychic strongman, Terrence “Strong-Arm” Armstrong.
    I’m working on a rogues’ gallery for Hi-N’Un XII, so stay tuned.



    I got one character into the Pharaoh’s rogues’ gallery and decided to seek inspiration elsewhere. Given the History contest this week, I took a concept I had been kicking around since the PD Superheroes contest and gave her an Old West makeover. As chance would have it, she’s also the Seven O’Clock character in my Clockwork project. Here’s the Quality Comics heroine Lady Luck (seven is a lucky number, get it?) re-imagined and ret-conned as a Wild West gunfighter.
     photo LadyLuck_zpsb8725125.png
    Name: Brenda Suerte
    Alias: Lady Luck
    Race: Human
    Birthplace: Belfast, Ireland
    Powers: Expert marksmanship, power over probability, can sense a person’s potential (threat level, special powers, etc.) by looking at them.
    Bio: The clover birthmark over Brenda’s left eye is not a genetic abnormality, but a magic talisman–a symbol of her destiny. Given up for adoption by her Irish parents, who knew the legend and tragedy of those who bear the clover, Brenda was raised in a Spanish convent. The nuns called her “Suerte,” the Spanish word for luck, because of the birthmark and her fantastic ability to sense and avoid impending danger.
    When she came of age, Brenda chose to leave the convent and travel the world, eventually making her way (chance of all chances) onto a shipping vessel populated by Irish immigrants looking for a new start in the American West. Brenda began working as a burlesque dancer, honing her skills as a markswoman in her off hours as a way to defend herself from the more rowdy clientele. Her innate ability to manipulate probability lent an uncanny accuracy to her shooting, and the newly dubbed “Lady Luck” left the burlesque life for a career as a touring sharpshooter.
    But life was not all work and play for Lady Luck. Her superior gunfighting skills made her an easy and frequent target for corrupt railroad tycoon Robbie Boyle, who lived up to his name by boiling the skin off of any who stood in the way of his illegal enterprises, and was ultimately killed in battle by Lady Luck.
    In her clashes with Boyle and his lackeys, Lady Luck often found herself teaming up with a bandage-clad vigilante who goes by the name High Noon (although we know the spelling to be quite a bit different). When not saving their small town from the clutches of corporate tyranny, Lady Luck and the Pharaoh developed a romantic relationship as well, kindled by her sense of his royal, heroic stature (and, in greater part, by her slight resemblance to Tempora Doce, the time-witch who cursed the Pharaoh several thousand years earlier).
    When a long-deceased Boyle inexplicably rears his head in modern day America, the on-and-off duo are approached by a time-traveling Frank Hallows (the Pharaoh’s son) with an offer to join Clockwork.



    After struggling to come up with a new eight o’clock character (considered a heroine based on the 8-ball in billiards but couldn’t come up with a proper male counterpart for her), I decided to do a new pose on a past entrant of mine into the PD Re-Brand contest instead.
    Clockwork Lena Black photo LenaBlack_zpsa0d58084.png
    Name: Lena Black
    Race: Human/Arachnid
    Birthplace: Ithaca, NY
    Powers: Can scale any surface, proportionate strength of a spider, agility, immunity from arachnid-based toxins, generates natural webbing from her fingertips, supernatural second sight (similar to Lady Luck’s potential-reading vision), prolonged lifespan.
    Bio: Lena Black is the daughter of Leonore Black, who had the power to spin webs from her fingers and transform into a giant spider. Unlike her mother, Lena was born in a state halfway between woman and spider, and has yet to figure a way to transform one way or the other. She survives mostly by keeping to the shadows and feeding on small rodents throughout the city. Her six eyes give her a second sight that lets her see the true nature of people (those of a corrupt nature are usually normal thieves and murderers, but Lena has squared off against her share of demons, werewolves, vampires, etc. in her search for an end to what she believes is a family curse extending back to Ancient Greece). At night, she goes about the city hunting corrupt souls, wearing a belt fashioned from the skulls of her victims as a ward against supernatural evil.
    Originally seen as a villain for her freakish appearance and feral nature, Lena has crossed paths with the likes of Shadow, Black Marble, Fallen Angel, Serene, and the Two O’Clock Warriors on several occasions, usually being forced to flee before completing a kill. These encounters have caused Lena to second-guess her special sight, as the dark energies employed by most of these heroes contradicts their spiritual appearance as pure souls (with the strange exception of Fallen Angel and Serene/Siren, who appear to have corrupted, light/dark hybrid souls). But when the waters of the Hudson begin to run red and a viral bloodlust envelops the city, Lena takes up the trail of an old foe (who has crossed paths with Hi-N’Un and Tempora in the recent past): Vlad the Impaler. Her hunt for the infamous vampire king brings Lena into an uneasy alliance with Shadow and Lady Luck. But is Vlad’s apocalyptic scheme part of a bigger plot?

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