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    This is where I’ll post my character submissions and other stuff.
    My first contest submission was this cover for a comic book (or will it end up as a novel? flash movie? something else?) that I’m working on. I couldn’t seem to focus my thoughts past the first page, but here’s the basic idea:
    For whatever reason, I decided to make a heroic zombie. Sure it’s been done before, but not as big as this. Our title heroine wakes up in total darkness, her body screaming with pain (because duh, her body is just bones, muscle, and raw nerves at this point). She has no memory of anything that happened before she woke up, but she’s fairly certain she shouldn’t be alive–was in fact dead at some point.
    Through the course of her story, she emerges into a world overrun by Decay (grey, zombie-like host bodies controlled by some sentient viral parasite), discovers that not only is her ravaged body healing itself, but that her touch can also somehow kill the parasites and revert newly infected hosts to their human form, effectively healing them. But there turns out to be a larger, more sinister purpose to her gift that she is unaware of. So I ask the question again: Is this the face of a hero?



    This was another Gods Contest submission. How did I come up with Kauket, you ask? Well, at this time, I was reading the first two books in the offensively, brilliantly funny David Wong series (John Dies At the End and This Book Is Full Of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don’t Touch It) and came across a section about the series’ main villain, Korrok. In it he is revealed to be the son of a pagan god known as Kuk (who is the Egyptian frog god of darkness, chaos, and all things bad).
    In my research (which amounted to about ten minutes on Wikipedia), I discovered that Kuk, like the other three main deities in Egyptian mythology, has a female counterpart called Kauket.
    Kauket, like her male counterpart, is a goddess of chaos and darkness (symbolized by a snake), but also has domain over “the waters” and serves as the bringer of light. The giant blue eye and the jaws floating in the darkness are a nod to David Wong’s Korrok character.



    This Gods contest submission was an interpretation of Agloolik, Inuit god of hunting and fishing, and eater of ships.
    He also goes by the name Super Mega Ghost Sharktopus-nado



    Who says a god has to be from mythology? The God contest rules certainly didn’t say anything about that. So rock gods should qualify, too. Right?
    So I took a leap and submitted AC/DC guitarist Angus Young as the Australian God of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
    But I got the Jack instead.



    Can’t say it’s applicable for the contest, but I salute you for rocking.



    Great start, welcome to the forums.



    Here’s another Family submission, the Fifth Hour team, who got their powers from touching a crash-landed meteorite.
    Fifth Hour: Fever, Shadow & Rush photo Timedrop23-FifthHour_zpsf2104e76.png
    Fever, based on the phrase “Five O’Clock Fever,” is your basic pyrotechnic hero, and the father of the team.
    His wife, Shadow, is a ninja and the team’s tactical expert, based off that old shaving standby, the unfortunate Five O’Clock Shadow. She can blend in with almost anything black or shadowed for a brief period of time, and even travel between shadows like a form of line-of-sight teleportation.
    Their son Rush (inspired by that time of day when everyone gets off work and mobs the supermarket at once) is an impulsive speedster.


    The Atomic Punk

    Great concept. Shadow must practically be invisible. With the two brighter, more colorful heroes, one would suspect that she’s nearby.



    @ JR, Hammerknight and Atomic: Good to see feedback on my stuff, guys.
    Unfortunately, I was a little late on the draw with Fifth Hour, so they were not up for consideration this time.
    Notes on Fifth Hour: Actually, they hardly ever fight as a trio. Any fires generated by Fever would affect the stability and location of any nearby shadows, making it difficult if not impossible for Shadow to use her powers reliably. Likewise, Rush’s super speed, combined with his impulsive, lone wolf nature, could be dangerous in the company of his father, whose powers could be amplified or weakened by the windshear his son generates while running at high speed. There’s also an unknown side-effect to mixing Shadow’s teleportation and the upper limits of Rush’s super speed that could make a sick story line, but as it’s unknown, I haven’t figured out how to explain it yet.
    Therefore, if Fifth Hour were to become a comic book, it would start out as something like Marvel Team-Up, switching between duo combinations of the three characters as they discover their powers and deal with how their family dynamic changes upon discovering the consequences of mixing their powers in battle (perhaps even going so far as to do one or two brainwashing stories, a la the Fantastic Four’s encounter with Hatemonger and Sue Storm/Malice).

    @ Moderators: Thank you for including my Two O’Clock Warriors in the Top Five poll this week. I’ve been geeking out all day at the thought of just being nominated.



    Most links updated to photobucket



    I’ve been trying to build characters that have a common item theme (not necessarily built from the same category, but from similar-looking items). Could this have led me to create the first albino superheroine?
    Moth photo Moth_zps194ce1a6.png
    I created her as kind of an homage to Chris Cornell (lead singer of Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog, etc.) via word association: First I decided to do a costume with holes in it. That led me to thinking moth-holes, then to black holes, then “Black Hole Sun,” then back to “Moth,” so I had to put the flame in there, and so the flying albino superheroine known as Moth was born. She won’t fly around your fire anymore, but she just might suck it into another universe (perhaps one where there’s a “Shadow On the Sun?”). Somebody stop me before I hang myself with a “Pretty Noose.” Goodnight.



    Um, no offense, dude. These are really good! There just…creepy.



    Creepy how?



    Moth is awesome, love the pose and her costume is super cool as well.



    Great concepts! I really like your cover, too.

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