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    @JR19759 said:

    I must say I laughed when I first read that description. Nice and unusual method of flying, I like it.

    Glad you like my slapdash bio (and the Whirlybird that goes with it), JR. I tried to put a circular wind effect (using the bullseye aura) on her to show more motion, but wasn’t sure how to go about making it not look like a bullseye so I left it off. I’m still very pleased with the results.

    Continuing my New Olympians team, here’s Jeffrey MacAbee, chosen mortal of Hephaestus:
    Hephaestus photo Hephaestus-JeffreyMacAbee_zpsd1ec6d2d.png
    Jeffrey was born deformed, an unfortunate side-effect of being marked with Hephaestus’ hammer. In addition to his facial deformity, as Jeffrey aged, his birthmarked left arm grew at a faster rate than the rest of his body, giving him superhuman strength and impressive alchemic abilities. Outcast like Scarlett and Trent because of his appearance, Jeffrey eventually came under the care of Era Zayas at the Mount Olympia school and learned to use his strength and alchemy for the betterment of society. Scarlett and Jeffrey would forge a lasting friendship (and more in later years) based on their kinship as social outcasts. Their son, Eric, would become a second generation New Olympian as the chosen mortal of Eros.


    Herr D

    Regarding Whirlybird, the only spiral I like in hm3 is the ‘tornado’ effect. If you make it huge, very transparent, and ‘cut off’ the tail, you might have a nice wind effect.


    Mad Jack

    @Timedrop23 said:
    She thought it would be fun to spin her braid like a helicopter to see if she could fly

    I once had a classmate that used to do that in the schoolyard. As you can imagine, she was somewhat “special”. ;)



    Thanks, D and Jack. Good to see multiple comments on the same character.

    More out-of-the-box thinking as I considered what a speedster would be like if he went nowhere fast, and I came up with this guy:
    Nowhere photo Timedrop23-Nowhere_zpsde4438a0.png
    Meet Nowhere, the hero that gets there fast. Possessing mastery of microscopic velocity, Nowhere can adjust the speed of the molecules in his body to change its state of matter or age himself in any direction at will.



    Keric’s coffee zombie pose gave me the idea to make a zombie of my own for the OS Speedster contest. Meet Turbo Zombie:
    Turbo Zombie photo Timedrop23-TurboZombie_zpsad5fae0a.png
    The guy he used to be died while drinking a 7-shot Americano during a zombie outbreak. Upon reviving as a zombie, he found out the coffee had given him super-speed. As a human, he was a comic book nerd and some of that memory stuck with him. So he painted TZ on his shirt in human blood and went zipping around the city saving people from zombies. Go fig….



    I finally buckled down and got to work on Apollo and Artemis’ chosen mortals, electing for option two (if you’re following the Character Creation Help topic of the blog). With some posing courtesy of ams, here are Ray and Rita Quincy, a.k.a. Sun Wolf and MoonGirl:
    The Quincy Twins photo ApolloampArtemis-RayampRitaQuincy_zpse27e0db2.png
    As the only officially declared superheroes among the New Olympians, Ray and Rita Quincy use the powers bestowed upon them by Apollo and Artemis to fight crime in Olympia as Sun Wolf and MoonGirl. Ray Quincy’s sun birthmark gives him the ability to transform into a werewolf-like creature by absorbing energy from moonlight. In this form, he cannot turn people as a conventional werewolf would be able to, but he possesses superhuman strength and a sonic howl he can pitch to any frequency at will. Rita Quincy’s moon birthmark gives her the ability to absorb moonlight energy into her body like her brother, but her powers do not manifest physically like his. Any moon energy she absorbs, she can use to fly or expel it from her body by radiation, firing concussive blasts, or (as her hunter’s nature dictates) shooting energy arrows, among other means.



    Thought I’d try getting more stylized with this next New Olympian (and I’m inspired to re-do the others I’ve done so far as well). I also thought I’d get back to the bio style of post.
    Hestia photo Hestia-HeatherStevens_zps507f038e.png
    Name: Hearth
    Alias: Heather Stevens
    Race: Human
    Birthplace: Olympia, WA
    Powers: Copier & Facilitator (can copy or enhance one New Olympian ability at a time, but the ability only works if she has seen the person’s birthmark).
    Bio: Born with a claw-like flame birthmark, Heather Stevens is the chosen mortal of Hestia. It was originally believed that she inherited her father’s time-manipulation ability (Carl Stevens is a New Titan, chosen by Cronus; Renee Demetrius-Stevens is also a New Titan, chosen by Rhea) and shares her sister, Karen’s pyrokinetic powers. But as she encountered more children with New Olympian gifts, Heather’s power grew until she could no longer keep track of any one ability long enough to master it, and she lost control of herself to the point that she had to be incarcerated in the Cerberus compound. But there was more going on inside Cerberus than anyone could have imagined, or the government would have ever allowed….



    Great characters.



    Thanks, HK!
    Here, now with shading and a new bio, is Apollo’s chosen mortal, Ray Quincy:
    Apollo photo Apollo-RayQuincySunWolf_zps7eb30347.png
    Name: Sun Wolf
    Alias: Ray Quincy
    Race: Human/Wolf
    Birthplace: Olympia, WA
    Powers: Werewolf-like transformation, Canine senses, Superhuman strength and reflexes, Sonic howl.
    Bio (RetConned): Ray Quincy is the chosen mortal of Apollo. Born with a sun birthmark, Ray has the ironic ability to transform into a werewolf-like state (without the contagious bite/scratch true werewolves possess) by absorbing moonlight energy into his body. He does not require full moonlight, however, the phase of the moon determines the strength of his powers while in that form. Early transformations left Ray in a feral frame of mind that caused him to attack any living thing that crossed his path, and led to his eventual incarceration in the Cerberus compound, where his sister was also being held in a separate room to keep her powers from fueling his transformation.



    I decided to expand Black Marble’s universe a bit, introduce what could be a new team, and create a character for the OS Energy Blaster contest. Meet J’Kal:
    Name: J’Kal
    Team Affiliation: Bodak Corps
    Race: Anubian
    Birthplace: Anubis Five
    Powers: Bracelets that give him similar energy-manipulation abilities to those of Black Marble/Rivelle D’Mor. Anubian abilities include being able to sense danger and to make his body intangible.
    Bio: J’Kal was chosen by the creators of the Bracelets to be the protector of his home planet, the asteroid known as Anubis Five, and its encompassing star system. He is an original member and commanding officer of the intergalactic federation known as the Bodak Corps. J’Kal was recently informed by his superiors that a pair of Bracelets that had been active in a nearby system (namely, ours) suddenly went dark. Accompanied by a small team of his most trusted Corpsmen, J’Kal made his way to Earth on a mission to ultimately apprehend Black Marble and return her to the Bodak homeworld for judgement and the subsequent removal of the Bracelet energy from her body by any means necessary. Before the Apocalypse comes, as Cerberus gears up for its personal endgame, before the time of Meridian arrives, Black Marble and the other Soul Survivors must face the Event Horizon….



    Working on another member for the Bodak Corps, who will hopefully be joining Friday Night Fights if I can get all the shading done.



    Apparently you have to read the rules before entering a contest. I was all hyped up to create this character so I could include it in FNF, but she doesn’t fit any of the categories. I suppose as a vampire-like creature she could fit the Undead Monster scenario, but she’s technically an alien bat and so not undead. I’ll just settle for sharing her with you guys and forget about the contest.
     photo Ekko_zpsd1a60b1b.png
    Name: Ekko
    Team Affiliation: Bodak Corps
    Race: Nocterran
    Birthplace: Desmodon
    Powers: Bracelets that give her similar energy-manipulation abilities to those of Black Marble/Rivelle D’Mor. Nocterran abilities include preternatural hearing, flight, night vision, and a sonic scream.
    Bio: Ekko’s home planet of Desmodon is a cavernous asteroid, the largest in its sunless system. Rejected by her family because they feared her pale skin (a rare Nocterran genetic abnormality that manifests at puberty) would draw the attention of Demodon’s native predators, Ekko was left to survive on her own and became a fierce warrior. She was recruited as J’Kal’s second-in-command when circumstances led him to investigate a plot by Desmodon’s religious leaders to free the then-alive Shadow King (whom they worshipped as a god) from his prison realm.
    Ekko now accompanies J’Kal on his mission to Earth, where sunlight burns her flesh and renders her blind. She constantly wears a thin layer of dark energy over her skin, calibrated to also reduce the effects of sunlight on her night vision. But she is still relatively blind, and so must rely on echolocation and her advanced hearing as an alternate form of sight.



    Well, she looks awesome regardless Smile



    Great characters. And yes, reading the rules does help.



    Thanks for the feedback, HK and Stulte!
    I have so many character ideas floating around in my head that I don’t know what to do next, so I thought I’d post a list here and see by popular demand what I should start/continue/re-make first.

    New Olympians: still have to do shaded versions of my Zeus, Hera, Demeter, Poseidon, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Artemis, Ares, and Athena. Also have yet to do a Hermes, Dionysus, Hades, any members of the Pantheon gang, or any Cerberus personnel.

    Bodak Corps: Blackstone (the team’s hot-headed brute with obsidian skin), Raven (female bird alien), Korrok (male king cobra alien), Angl’aar (male angler-fish alien), Abys (presumably female darkness elemental with shapeshifting powers).
    Bodak Corps Villains: Petroch (pronounced “Pet Rock”) the Living Planet, Phenome (egotistical supergenius with super-strength), Nexus (former Corps member who wants to possess all the Bracelets), Lux (a light being, in contrast to the darkness-inspired Corps).

    Soul Surviviors: re-designs of Shanti, Tetra, Fallen Angel, Shadow, Black Marble (now going by Dark Marble), Shield/Nightshade (now going by Knightshayd), and Alvin Hallows, wearing matching yin-yang inspired costumes.

    The Power Suits (Frank Hallows villains): Power Suit (team leader in a metal suit with electric powers similar to Frank’s), Searsucker (wears mechanical suit that absorbs and shoots fire), Three-Piece (uses stolen Three-Star General tech to make holographic replicas of itself), Jumpsuit (wears mech suit with enhanced reflexes and, um, can jump really high), Windbreaker (wears flying mechanical suit with Red Tornado-like wind powers), Little Black Dress (the team’s only female member, wears agile mech suit outfitted with stolen Shield tech).

    Hardbodies (All-female team of Soul Survivors/Burn Unit villains): Kristal (diamond-skinned brutess), Ferra (iron-skinned brutess), Roxy (stone-skinned brutess), other members as time and imagination permit.

    Elemental witches (this is a redesign/expand operation inspired by Tempora and Lady Luck from my Clockwork team, but I have no thoughts beyond the concept stage; only that I want them to be distinct characters, not a congruent team. Some will be heroes and some will be villains due to their covens sharing bad blood with one another, and not all will be pre-Meridian characters).

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