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    It’s time for the Opposites Attract Contest! My first entry is a play on words featuring the classic angel/demon dichotomy:
    Knight & Dei photo Timedrop23-KnightampDei_zpsc17c525d.png
    Knight is a black suit of armor possessed by a fire demon that manifests itself as a sword and shield.
    Dei (whose name is latin for “God” or “gods”–my suffix skills are seriously lacking) is the angel/light-bringer of the duo.
    A further dichotomy in this image was an unintended consequence of the color choices I made on Dei. While Knight seems to have greater dimensionality, with his sword providing an angular focus that comes edge-first at the “camera,” Dei comes off as almost paper-thin–even unreal–as though she were a news clipping pasted into Knight’s universe.



    For today’s entry into the Opposites Attract Contest, my submission was based on War and Peace, with my usual brand of wordplay. For the Peace character, I created Serene, using a technique I borrowed from one of last month’s COtW selections (sideways anime nose for closed eyes). There is a purpose behind her mask, that being evident in the War-based character Siren.
    Serene & Siren photo Timedrop23-SereneampSiren_zpsef4e2b68.png
    Serene is a white witch who shares her mind and body with a Shrike (a banshee spirit) named Siren, who escaped her war-torn dimension and came to Earth looking for a better life. Although a violent race by nature, Siren’s people believe that names are power, and in turn Siren believes that because of their similar names, she and Serene are soulmates.
    Unfortunately, Siren’s time on Earth has shown her that many humans are just as quick to battle as the Shrikes, and frequently takes over Serene’s body in her haste to suppress conflict (which she does to the extreme, often killing her opponents and causing massive property damage before Serene can regain control).
    So to keep her “soulmate” and herself calm, Serene engages in almost constant meditation. One day it may come to pass that Siren herself takes up meditation. Then perhaps the two can live as one in a state of perfect balance?



    I think this is the most work I’ve put into a single image thus far. I decided to practice with 3/4-turn heads and bodies after reading a tutorial on how to dress the female torso, and of all things I created a dance between Life and Death:
     photo Timedrop23-VidaampDeath_zps514a374a.png
    This also marks the first time I’ve done an image for a contest where two characters are interacting with one another rather than posing side-by-side.



    I’m skipping ahead a little in the Faith Heller story to bring you a new character. I created her with Zyp’s face tutorial in mind, and I’ve known what power I wanted her to have for a long time now, so I incorporated the portal tutorial as well, and tried my hand at shading for the first time. The result is Angel, a dimensional traveler on the run from the plague-like monsters who have overrun her world and turned it into a crimson-tinged wasteland.
    Angel photo Angel_zps65200670.png
    In her care is an ancient dagger of unknown origin that seems to be the only weapon left in her dimension capable of destroying the walking nightmares that are the dominant species on her Earth.
    She may not look like it, but Angel is a warrior in the making. Exposed to the viral entity that turned her entire universe into a freakish menagerie, Angel was instead blessed and cursed with a quantum understanding of reality. When not being pursued by the Decay, the Mare, or other Bound humans like her, Angel uses her powers to peer into other dimensions in search of a reality the Plague hasn’t touched.
    Ambushed by a group of Mare, Angel is left with no choice but to flee into our world, unfortunately bringing the Plague with her.



    You have some really good pictures here!



    Glad to see feedback happening once again. Here are the two characters I entered into the Color Coordination contest:

    First, we have Black Marble, alias Queen Rivelle of the planet Mord’r.
    Black Marble photo Timedrop23-BlackMarble_zpsfa24c3c2.png
    As queen of an alien elven race, Rivelle inherited a pair of bracelets that allow the wearer to encase their body in an orb of dark light that, though it expands and contracts like rubber, is virtually impervious to non-magical weaponry.
    While the orb is active, it allows the wearer of the bracelets to fly at high speeds and can convert the dark matter of space into a breathable atmosphere of their choosing. Theoretically, interplanetary travel can be achieved (perhaps even at warp speeds), but this is not recommended for those with low spiritual energy, as they could become stranded out in space with nothing to breathe.
    Queen Rivelle had her threshold put to the test when a diplomacy mission to another planet left her homeworld vulnerable to attack. With no home to return to, Rivelle followed the spirit energy contrail of the attacking vessel to Earth, where she enlisted the aid of several of the planet’s finest heroes in turning back the invasion.
    Queen no more, Rivelle must struggle with her new place in the Universe while defending her adoptive homeworld as the Black Marble.

    Second, we have an action shot and an origin story straight from the mask-covered mouth of marooned meteorologist White Lightning (a.k.a. Janet Striker).
    White Lightning photo Timedrop23-WhiteLightning_zpsf124e9d8.png
    “Welcome to the jungle, baby. Ain’t no fun ‘n’ games here. Just erupting volcanoes and a giant black octopus that wants to suck the flesh off my bones. Unfortunately, so does everything else in this Godforsaken place. I mean, come on! Dinosaurs? Really? I thought those things were extinct. I guess even a badass scientist like myself can be wrong once in awhile.
    My name is Dr. Janet Striker, and I’m a meteorologist. I was on a private jet from LA to Tokyo with my portable weather machine when the blasted thing went off, sending my plane crashing to this little speck of dirt in the middle of what I hope is still the Pacific Ocean.
    Using the lightning generators I salvaged from my wrecked invention, I fashioned a pair of wrist-mounted shock blasters that, along with my wilderness training and insane gymnastic skills, have gotten me through just about every scrape I could possibly get into out here.
    If I survive long enough to make my way back to civilization, I’m giving fair warning to whoever sabotaged my invention and crashed my plane: You’d better make yourself hard to find, because you never know where White Lightning will Strike next….”



    Here are a couple of characters I did months ago. They are not my original work, but I did them anyway to see if I could replicate and/or fix the designs. Credit is given to the original authors.

    The first is Friday Night Fights entry Bumblebee by Firecracker:
    Bumblebee photo Bumblebee_zps913faadd.png
    This was mainly to see if I could re-create the character, and because I thought it was a nice design. The only fix I really saw that this character needed was a layering issue with the triangular spandex top item.

    This next character was in need of more of a makeover. Here’s my re-make of Golden Age Heroine Contest Winner, Platinum Bomb by Cliff:
    Platinum Bomb photo PlatinumBomb_zps52d3ed46.png
    I mostly just gave her actual earrings and made her feet more consistent, but I liked this design, too.



    In the backstory accompanying the Angel image, I mentioned characters called “The Bound,” people who have been infected by the Plague and given special powers as a result. Some, like Angel (and Faith Heller, to a lesser extent), are in control of their actions. Others are completely at the mercy of the cyclopean Plague satellites that take them over, and are able to spread the infection by touch, where early hosts of the Plague (the Decay) were not. Here I give you two of the latter variety of Bound hosts:

    The Whipper
    Bound Whipper photo BoundWhipper_zps17cf0266.png
    The Blader

    Bound Blader photo BoundBlader_zpsb852a4e7.png


    The Atomic Punk

    Delightfully creepy.



    Thanks, Atomic Punk (I think)! I don’t know why my work comes off as creepy, but if people like it, I’m OK with that.
    This next character in my “Bound” collection is based off of a fear of mine. I’m botanophobic, mainly regarding carnivorous plants and certain kinds of weeds. It all started with Super Mario Bros. I was okay with the first game because they just went up and down in pipes. Then SMB3 came along and they started spitting fire and walking and jumping, and I became extremely thankful for the Warp Whistles that let me skip World 4 (where they got enormous) and World 7 (which was dedicated to the damned things). After that they just got bigger and thornier and more heads and petals and tongues and…. *breathes into paper bag* And don’t get me started on the sunflowers in the Kirby games or the carnivorous plants in Turok and Resident Evil or the giant dandelions in Metal Slug 3 or the walking flytraps in Metal Slug 3 or the plant in Little Shop of Horrors or the singing vines in The Ruins or the man-eating fern that attacked Garfield the Cat. Actually, don’t get me started on anything resembling a plant with teeth and a mind of its own. I avoid sunflowers because they’re two feet taller than I am and I have the irrational fear that one will bend down and suck off the top of my head. I once saw a dandelion that was four feet tall, as thick as a pencil, and had a fluffball as big as my fist. If not for the fence and the distance between me and it, I would have been momentarily terrified at some impossible assault on my person.
    So without further wuss-itude, I present a third Bound incarnation,

    The Trapper
    Bound Trapper photo BoundTrapper_zpsd2fed2d2.png



    These are twistedly awesome!


    Herr D

    I must say your garden is coming along nicely! I’ve made a couple of blossoms here and there myself. Planimals are great fun.

    –As for the phobia, I can only say–good thing you’re not afraid of germs. Add the level of fear you describe to the constant doubt you’d have over not being able to see whether they’re regrouping against you and, YIKES.



    Strangely, even given that episode of Batman TAS with the giant flytrap and the worm-jaw vines, I’m somewhat turned on by Poison Ivy. Go figure. A girl I used to work with, who is in part the inspiration for the Faith Heller character, once drew a picture of the Little Shop plant and left it for me to find. Of course it freaked me out, but I kind of appreciated the joke.

    As anyone who’s seen George A. Romero’s Land Of the Dead can tell you, zombies (and other things that go bump in the night) are scary enough by themselves. But when they learn to use automatic weapons…. So I came up with the Bound Gunner, a badass Gatling gun-wielding host for the Plague.

    The Gunner
    Bound Gunner photo BoundGunner_zpsedc51cab.png
    I considered having an AK clip sprouting from his arm but it didn’t feel right, so I elected for something I think looks much cooler. Gatling guns are belt-fed, so I put a mouth on the side of his gun arm for the bullet-belt to feed through (pun intended).
    In terms of powers, he’s a Decay-maker. When the bullets pass through his arm into the gun, they are loaded with Plague, and anyone hit by his bullet(s) turns into one of the Decay (zombie-like, but not vulnerable to headshots–only fire can kill them). The Gunner’s parasite gives him limited psychic control over nearby Decay as well, making him a tactical leader of sorts.
    Hope you enjoy this one.



    Here’s my first submission for the Fashion Contest. The first thing I think of when I hear “fashion” is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. So I did a jungle-inspired lingerie image that I jokingly call “My Eyes Are Up Here.” Enjoy.
     photo Timedrop23-VSJungleLingerie_zps4fd41c82.png


    Herr D

    Smile What kind of spot remover would work best, hmm?

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