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    Been sorta tied up for a few days. Atomic, I like it; a drunk running from his hallucinations. As soon as i saw headlessgeneral’s art i couldn’t wait for your story. Good stuff, as always.


    The Atomic Punk

    Thanks, WMD. Let’s say that I had some “assistance” when writing your request. I’m not happy with it, personally. Here’s a second version.

    Original Design by WMDBASSPLAYER; Story by The Atomic Punk

    “Hey, Frank, you feeling stupid right now?”

    “What? I’m not following, Brenna.”

    “Why are we guarding this path? The demon can fly. We’re standing here with our backs to the fight.”

    “You know, now that you mention…”

    “Frank, the satyr didn’t hire us to help catch a demon. This is an ambush!”


    I’m loving American Girl more and more with each story you write for her.



    This was the first posed character I worked on. I misspelled ‘thief’ but didn’t save, so I couldn’t correct it.thief-of-hearts.png



    Here’s one for you.

    I’m currently working out a backstory for her, but I’d be interested to see what you would come up with for her.
    BTW, the girl is quite innocent (I’d say shy), the dress possesses her.


    The Atomic Punk

    @headlessgeneral: Thanks, she’s fun to write.

    @WMDBASSPLAYER: I think that I’m developing a common theme around some of your designs. However, I seem to find two or three stories in each. Stay tuned.

    @JR19795: Jeimuzu gave a great backstory for that dress. Are you looking for a new direction or a detailed narrative? By the way, both designs are excellent!



    @The Atomic Punk said:

    @JR19795: Jeimuzu gave a great backstory for that dress. Are you looking for a new direction or a detailed narrative? By the way, both designs are excellent!

    I’d prefer a detailed narrative, but if you want to do a new direction I don’t mind. I’ll leave it to your discretion.



    Dear Atomic only you give me a little happines for the last few days so i want to ask you to pls give me two great story. I know what you think out is fabolous so i really want to see what you think about my pictures, I personally finish picture making for a while because i tired, dissapointed, i have some irl problems, and see for to my type of pictures are not interesting this community.

    The first picture is my.

    Three Wishes

    And the second is my personnal favourite
    Dream with me

    Thank you very much.


    The Atomic Punk

    FEBRUARY 14th, 2169
    Original Character by WMDBASSPLAYER; Story by the Atomic Punk

    “It has been 76 years since the last official marriage and 42 since the last recognized civil union. Let’s not forget the last natural pregnancy was over 90 years ago. Persons in attendance, love has been lost.”

    “And that’s your appeal to the World Council? You do realize that you will be fired if not imprisoned for such emotionalism.”

    “Doctor, what I am saying is these surrogates can mean something more than carnal pleasure.”

    “With due respect, Doctor, we designed these clones to eradicate a genetic defect.”

    “The human touch is a ‘genetic defect?’ Listen to yourself. You are conditioned to accept this cold, impotent society.”

    “You dare!”

    “What? Oh… ‘impotent,’ yes… I forgot. Only those who are conditioned believe that ‘impotence’ is a fair trade for ‘omnipotence.’ Yet, gods we will never be.”

    “I’ve had almost enough of your heresy!”

    “Doctor, please calm down. You are getting… excited? Aroused?”

    “The surrogate is ready… Doctor… Do you want to begin the tests?”

    “Rubbish, Doctor! This occasion demands a tender approach.”

    “Be careful, Doctor, it looks like there is an error in the genome sequencing. Right here. The isoleucine and glutamic acid are reversed. The surrogate is unstable.”

    “Hello, my dear, you have such beautiful eyes.”

    “Careful, Doctor…”

    “I see, well maybe the Doctor is correct, my dear. Your gluteus maximus is disproportionately large for your body type. My name is Doctor… ARGH!!!”

    “I warned you, Doctor. Watch what you say to a woman. She’ll tear your heart out. Oh, hello dear. Yes, ‘peace’ to you, too.”


    The Atomic Punk

    Original Character by H@RLEK(!)N; Story by The Atomic Punk

    If you frown, I will turn myself upside down so I can see you smile. It is rare that flowers of such diverse color grow naturally in the same place. We planted them here – together. In this far-flung field away from everything and everyone. We created this special place during our special moments. These are not just flowers. These are memories. Memories of being together.

    Close your eyes. Do you still see them? Do you still smell them? Do you see me? Do the flowers remind you of my perfume?

    Now you are frowning and sad. No, that’s me. I forgot to turn myself right-side up. Open your eyes. There, we are both smiling again.



    Simple, yet quite beautiful. I was definitely smiling afterwards.


    The Atomic Punk

    Original Character by H@RLEK(!)N; Story by The Atomic Punk

    “Wheh! I’m light-headed from that champagne. Just going to lie on the couch for a minute.

    “What a great party. Sebastian has the cutest loft. Those rose earrings that Amanda wore! Plus, I’ve been wanting to wear this black dress for some time.

    “Oh, don’t start that. You always end a date with ‘I wish this night could last forever.’

    “If I had three wishes? The usual… money, eternal youth, world peace.

    “Okay! I’ll play your game. Stop tickling! What would I really wish for?

    “First, I wish that you would stop making empty promises like ‘I wish this night could last forever.’

    “Second, I wish that you would ask me out on more dates.

    “And third… I wish that you were real.”



    Thanks All of them are awesome.



    Atomic, if we were all doing this 50 years ago, I would tell you to submit your work to Rod Serling because some of these stories are definitely Twi-Light Zone worthy! Your method of setting up a very normal world then hitting us with the oddest twist makes for some very enjoyable reading!. J.R.-I really like that character. Has a high creepy factor potential. Can’t wait to see what Atomic does with her. H@RLEK(!)N, STOP BEING SO AWESOME!, Seriously, the shimmering effect on that black dress and the black part of the corset is amazing! Atomic, I wish I were a wealthy man because I would love to see these stories brought to further life whether in comic book form, anime or live action movies, and I would definitely lend my resources!


    The Atomic Punk

    @H@RLEK(!)N: I am glad you liked them.

    @WMDBASSPLAYER: Thanks, and yes. I admit openly that Twilight Zone is a huge influence on many of my stories. Big fan of the plot twist. And if I ever win the lottery. Wink

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