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    I’m really enjoying this so far- Atomic, your storytelling’s amazing.

    Would you mind doing a story for this character?:


    The Atomic Punk

    I Think I Love You
    Original Design by Harlekin; Story by The Atomic Punk

    You are so beautiful. When I look into these glistening blue pools, I see your soul. Though I can never have you the way that I truly want you. Those inviting lips curled into a playful smile. Your nose – cute as a button. Ashen skin so soft and smooth as if kissed by Midnight itself. Your eyes burn like candles lighting the way to your heart. Your pearl white hair is always teased. Sweet prince swimming in joyful tears, I think love you.



    I’m eager to read what you do with Harlekin’s picture, too. GREAT story for prs’s! When I saw the picture it reminded me of the scene in Frankenstein when the Monster meets the little girl, and Atomic, you managed to capture the flavor in a way that was inspired but not derivative. I really dig headless and trekkie’s pics and can’t wait to read their stories as well. Anyway, here’s another from me. This is an early HM2.5 I did when I first discovered Hero Machine. I also included the HM3 redoing. Whichever you choose.


    The Atomic Punk

    Apologies as I have been incredibly busy!

    Original Character Design by DC-Lover; Story by The Atomic Punk

    ~ Chapter 1 ~

    Good morning, citizens, some of you might recognize me as Tank, co-founder of the Greenpoint Guardians. Depending on whom you ask, we are a community watch, do-gooders, vigilantes… or a public nuisance. The media refers to us as “Real-Life Superheroes.” Today, I am here to tell you that it can get very real.

    Actually, my story begins twenty years ago. You see, I was a jock. It’s how I came up with the “Tank.” The nickname is from my days as a right tackle. In wrestling, I was a tough hombre to take down. I was an All-American in high school. Our football team won state my junior and senior years. Empire State University took notice and gave me a full-ride scholarship.

    This is where I have to back up a little. There was this scrawny kid in my junior high that everyone picked on. I roughed him a few times myself. It all started with a flick to the back of his head. As the year went on, I would flip his lunch tray, hit him with snowballs, even slammed him against the lockers a time or two. He transferred the summer before high school.

    We met again at ESU. I was a red-shirt freshman when I blew out my knee – during practice of all things. The guy who lined up against me was “Terrible” Tony Clark. You know him. He was drafted by the Potomac Warriors in the first round in 1998. Today, prosecutors are arraigning him for murder.

    The injury ended my college career. Forget about going pro. Not too long after, I was busted for trying to re-sell painkillers. My lawyer was able to get me probation, but the crime was enough to bar me from the police and fire academies.

    During this time, I was going through physical rehab. The team nurse was none other than Gary “El Geeko” Proulx. The same kid who I bullied in junior high. He recognized me, too. Yet he didn’t say anything. Instead, he worked with me. He helped me get back on my feet. When I asked him why, he simply said, “It’s the right thing to do.”

    Gary graduated. The Med Center hired him to work in Physical & Occupational Therapy. I had dropped out and was checking IDs at Club Nicco. We kept in touch and soon became friends. Chats turned to our jobs and what came through our doors. I would see shady dealings in the backroom, fights in the parking lot, a few stabbings, even an attempted rape. Gary would tell me about dockworkers with broken hands, even bullets in their spines. Drugs were walking out of the Med Center.

    After a few conversations, we noticed a pattern between Club Nicco and the Med Center. Many of my clients soon became Gary’s. The signs pointed to the club’s owners and their associates. Greenpoint had a gang problem. The police went through the motions. They knew about the drugs and violence. However, they didn’t step up patrols. There would be an after-hours brawl but no arrests. People stood silent as they watched paramedics load the ambulances. Even if someone wanted to come forward, the police wouldn’t bother to take a statement. Gary and I agreed that the neighborhood needed new protectors.


    The Atomic Punk

    Original Character by Trekkie; Story by The Atomic Punk

    “The docket says to expect another 200,000 prisoners… is this correct?”

    “It’s not correct, Warden, it’s accurate. There is rumor that the prisoners will overrun the operation.”

    “And they will what? Overrun the station, and operate the terraformers?”

    “Warden! These are spies and saboteurs… yes, they will destroy our colonies.”

    “Colonies? What are you suggesting?”

    “There are civilians on this rock. Let me show you.”

    “No… what… was this approved?”

    “Warden, please… I mapped the settlements.”

    “So, these blue X-marks are…”

    “Colonies… albeit unsanctioned… and innocent.”

    “These red dots are the labor camps?”

    “Which are about unleash hell on this world.”

    “Sons of b!tches, all of you!”

    “Warden, what next? What do you suggest?”

    “I have no choice. I have to warn them.”

    “Reports are already in. Operation 8… 3… 2… 12… implosions… it has begun! Please, go now!”

    “Let’s move!”

    “No, I have to try to save… suit up… the atmosphere is thin… protect yourself. Save the colonists.”

    “With this flimsy paper chart?”

    “Whatever you must do! I trust my information. Village to village… please! This is all wrong. The first bombs are falling. I’m sorry.”

    “Yes, you’re right. I am the Warden. I have sworn to protect the innocent from the guilty. Hand me your blade.”



    I like it! Thanks AP, that’s a great story! I really love the character you’ve built up just through dialogue. Thanks again.



    Trekkie’s picture story is cool, and i personally really love what you think out for the Think i love you picture.

    Nice work what you do. I really interest what story think about this scene



    The Atomic Punk

    @Trekkie said:

    I like it! Thanks AP, that’s a great story! I really love the character you’ve built up just through dialogue. Thanks again.

    You’re welcome. Glad you liked it! Again, sorry it’s been taking so long. My Muse tends to sleep during the work week.

    Coming soon: headlessgeneral’s “Broken Wing”



    Can you do Linea?



    The Atomic Punk

    Our first character cross-over. I have a feature-length movie complete with soundtrack in my head for these two!

    Original character design by headlessgeneral; Story by The Atomic Punk

    “Ow, my jaw! Astaroth lied! He promised that I would be unstoppable! Lesson learned: never trust a demon.

    “It was an incredibly simple plan. Rampage through the museum’s parking lot. Throw some cars around, kill a dozen or so civilians, and grab ‘The Book.’ Ultimate power! The world at my feet!

    “I would have never expected this ‘hero’ to come out of nowhere. Who is she? I don’t even want to turn on the TV…

    “Yep, there I am, headline story… getting my @$$ handed to me on every channel. What are they calling me?!? No! I am Xaphan!!! The one who will set fire to Heaven!

    “These wounds will heal. Next time, I shall not be so brazen. I must destroy the one who humiliated me.

    “So…sweet Debbie Pendelton and innocent Luna Perez are friends of this ‘Firebird.’ They will make excellent bait for my revenge.

    “What’s that on Firebird’s necklace? What the hel… the little witch knocked out my gold tooth!”


    I love it! I love the crossover. I love Firebird. I love it!Smile

    But I hate that I don’t currently have a computer to create images to go with the story.Frown



    Ow pretty cool crossover! I love how you even include details such as the golden tooth necklace! Let’s see if i can create some images of the fight!


    The Atomic Punk

    @headlessgeneral & prswirve: The two are a great match. I admire both your styles. I have the whole fight scene in my head. I just don’t have the budget to film it. Cool

    With these stories, I try to leave a lot of the specifics open to the reader. Some are left open for more adventures. Writing “Tank: Chapter 2” for DC-Lover. The story is too long for a single post. Others are single-shot, conclusive, and very direct. They are shorter because I find no reason to force words.

    Again, I have to mention that I am enjoying this project. I frequent all the Forum postings. The creativity of other HM’ers is very inspiring. Thanks to everyone who has opened their characters to me for interpretation.


    Going “old school” with this one.

    Original Character by WMDBASSPLAYER; Story by The Atomic Punk

    Yeah! It’s the “dudette with the ‘tudette!” Pint-sized purple power punching your puss!

    Hey, I can’t help being who you think I should be. I can’t have a “secret identity.” How many midgets with glowing atomic eyes do you think there are? Expect me to wear sunglasses at night? Be all “Corey Hart?” Though he’s got a sweet caboose. Yeah, mommy wants some of that.

    Don’t ask me, I don’t understand all that science stuff. There was a blowout on the subway. A couple of electric lines fell and BOOM-ZAP! I got super powers.

    I’m doing better than ever. People look up to not down at me. Started a charity for the kids. Get to do some mean nasty stuff to mean nasty people. I’m a VIP at all the clubs. Get my freak on.

    Think you got it? There ain’t enough Viagra on earth for you to hang with me. Ready to rock your world? Ready to get your toes curled? Yeah, come get some.



    The crossover story was GREAT! I had to go back and look at Firebird when you mentioned the tooth; nice touch! Love what you did with Amy Atom, too! Totally different from how I originally imagined her, but it still works! You used the 2.5 pic and still gave a tip of the hat to the HM3 version. I’m still cranking out images but my story telling seems to have dried up for a while now. You keep this up, we’ve plenty to keep you busy! Try this.ONE-ARMED-BANDIT.png


    The Atomic Punk

    @WMDBASSPLAYER: I thought of this quote when I saw Amy Atom: “Look, a family full of midgets isn’t considered kids. That’s a gang!” She struck me as the outrageous, outgoing type. A mix of “badittude” (Tina Turner, Grace Jones, Vanity 6, Left-eye Lopez, etc.) packed in a D-Cell battery.

    Harlekin’s “After Forever” is in the works. Several ideas; none finalized.

    Original Character by Linea24; Story by The Atomic Punk

    “Dear, have you seen Thomas?” Adalmund inquired, staring out the window with a look of worry.

    Mildreth looked up from her sewing, “If by ‘Thomas,’ you mean our daughter Linea?”

    “Daughter? Hmph, if she were our daughter she would be sitting beside you now.”

    “And what? Knitting her wedding gown? Is that what you are implying?”

    “’Twill be some time before she marries. She is not a proper young lady. Out there in the woods, hunting. Showing up the lads with her archery. She is too much like a boy.”

    “No, you wish that she were a boy,” Mildreth retorted, increasingly cross with Adalmund.

    “Well, these are uncertain times. I don’t know if a Tom such as Linea has the sensibilities required to keep a good home and raise a happy family.”

    “You dare, Adalmund! If there is a ‘Tom,’ it is you. You are a Doubting Thomas, my King! She is quite capable.”

    “No… you are wise as always, my Lady. I could not be more proud of her. Our progeny will be a strong and righteous Queen one day.”

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