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    I love it. I gave her the dark skin and blond hair so she would have an ambiguous(is that the right word?) ethnicity. But I think Russian/Cuban works perfectly.


    The Atomic Punk

    @headlessgeneral said:

    I love it. I gave her the dark skin and blond hair so she would have an ambiguous(is that the right word?) ethnicity. But I think Russian/Cuban works perfectly.

    Thanks, headlessgeneral. Her heritage not only explained her look, it helped me move the story forward.


    The Atomic Punk

    Original Character Design by WMDBASSPLAYER; Story by The Atomic Punk

    “How do I know that is Richard Matteson? It could be anyone’s skull. And why is it so clean?”

    “Mister Price, believe me, your rival is dead. I had so much fun that almost feel guilty for charging you.”

    “I need more proof. You think that I am going to hand over six million dollars just on your word. What’s with the creepy white make-up, anyway?”

    “Mister Price, please don’t change the subject. I ‘executed’ my part quite well.”

    “I don’t know how I let Revis talk me into hiring an assassin. This is so sundry.”

    “Your friend in the police department will be calling you soon. He will inform you of details of the investigation. He will mention a crib. Please try to act surprised.”

    “Hello, Alex Price speaking. Yes, Lieutenant, how are you this morning? What? Richard Matteson was murdered last night? Why, that’s terrible! In his own home? He has round-the-clock security. Four guards were found dead as well?!?

    “This will undoubtedly shock the pharmaceutical industry. Yes, I promise not to talk about the details of an ongoing investigation. Decapitated? Found where? In the baby’s room?!? In the crib next to his infant daughter?!?!? No, I don’t want to hear anymore. I will see you soon.”

    “Mister Price, I shot him in the head as you requested. After I had removed it from his neck. Mister Price… my money. Thank you.”

    “I hope to never see you again, you heartless…”

    “Of course, Mister Price. Please respect our confidentiality and you never will.”



    Pretty cool, Atomic. And as I said, I’m going to go with that. I’ll come up with some stories for her, keeping her a high priced assassin. Love the detail of leaving out details to make her just what her name says she is. And her ignoring the question about the “creepy white make-up” (it’s not makeup, it’s her skin), was a nice touch!


    The Atomic Punk

    Nihili Sin Nefas (Nothing Without Sin)
    Original Character Designs by Harlekin; Story by The Atomic Punk

    “David, is it still chasing us?”

    “I don’t think so, Sibyl, but stay alert! Keep it together.”

    “Gone, everyone’s gone! What do we do now?”

    “If we survived, surely others have. Think, Sibyl. Use your gift to see.”

    “No, no! It’s terrible! I only see that demon chasing us! David, this is a nightmare!”

    “Yes, it is a nightmare. As with any nightmare, try not to be afraid.”

    “That sword didn’t even scratch the demon!”

    “I know, but it’s the only protection that we have.”

    “I see them… mom… dad… Matthew… they’re all dead!”

    “Try to look beyond your house, Sibyl. Do you see the neighborhood? Can you see the city?”

    “Yes, David, there are others! They are also hiding. There are more demons roaming the streets!”

    “We can’t hide in the park forever. Maybe if we find other survivors, we can make sense of all this.”

    “This is my fault, David. I’m so selfish! I wanted the world to change for me! And it did! This is no gift! It’s a curse!”

    “Sibyl, that’s nonsense. Here, let me dry your eyes. Then we must go.”


    The Atomic Punk

    Memento Mori (Remember That You Will Die)
    Character Designs by Harlekin; Story by The Atomic Punk

    “Sibyl! Please, wake up! We have to keep moving!”

    “Unnn…. Dav… David? Am I dead?”

    “We’re both alive thanks to you. Are you strong enough to get up?”

    “I need to rest. My head and back hurt. The demon! Is he still after us?”

    “No, Sibyl, we slew him.”

    “What? How? I closed my eyes wishing that his fire would not harm us.”

    “Yes, the flames went around us like there was a green shield blocking them. Then your eyes opened. They were glowing the same green. Sibyl, you were floating in the air!”

    “Huh? I don’t remember. Then what?”

    “I raised my sword but you grabbed the blade. The sword transformed in my hand! The blade turned into this green energy.

    “The demon leapt and knocked you hard to the ground. He stomped on you. I swore that I heard your spine break! I plunged the sword deep into his back, right between his wings.”

    “The sword, it’s beautiful. David, let me touch the blade.”

    “Of course, Sibyl… Sibyl… No! You’ve stopped breathing! I can’t hear your heartbeat! The green blade… it’s fading… Wait, the energy is returning to Sibyl’s body. Sibyl?!?”

    “Cough… David? Am I dead?”

    “You are very much alive. Here, I will carry you until you are strong enough to walk.”



    Like with any really good story, I can’t wait to see what’s next! And Harlekin, I have even more respect and admiration for your work! I tried my hand at following your tutorial and doing manga on Hero Machine is very hard! Hard not in that it was hard to follow your instructions, but in that it is so time consuming and there are so many more layers and details to pay attention to! You are the manga master!


    The Atomic Punk

    Thanks, WMD. With Heartless’ black-and-white motif, she reminded something of a Vincent Price movie and “gaslight horror” such as Edgar Allen Poe. You hear about the horrific things that the villain does but never actually see them. I find that style more intriguing and disturbing than graphic “torture porn” such as the “Saw” movies.



    You and me both, Atomic. Horror that makes you think is always better. With Heartless, I wanted a look that would remind one of the Joker as originally conceived, homicidal maniac, but that you could still see someone who is more cold and calculating instead of insane.


    The Atomic Punk

    I have a lot of ideas for Firebird: The Movie. A few re-writes and some timeline shifts, plus a new character. I do not have a narrative for her yet; however, she plays a major role in the story. For now, here is the “character sketch” that I asked Anarchangel to design with a quick write-up.

    Firebird is an original character designed by prswirve. Xaphan (aka, “The Goldtooth Dragon”) is an original character designed by headlessgeneral.

    Character Design by Anarchangel; Original Character by The Atomic Punk


    Ling Sun (pronounced “soon”) is working her first semester as a student teacher at Cassandra’s (Firebird’s) high school. She prefers to be called “Sunny.” Sunny is rather young for a college student (she graduated high school at 15 and was granted waivers to attend university almost immediately). That puts Sunny at a closer age to the students than the teachers. The staff has noted that Sunny dresses rather casual and inappropriately. Much to the shock of the principal, Sunny commented once that she finds “too many clothes to be restrictive.”

    Sunny takes an interest in all of the students. In particular, she has noticed a lonely misfit named Cassandra. Though Sunny has tried to befriend the teen, Cassandra’s own outlandish behavior makes it difficult to have a serious conversation. The other students, and some of the staff, call the two “Ling and Ding-a-ling.” After the car accident that killed Cassandra’s parents, Sunny has become more aggressive in reaching out to her.



    The third part of Sibyl and David. I really interesting how continued the story.



    The Atomic Punk

    Quid Pro Quo
    Original Character by Harlekin; Story by The Atomic Punk

    “David, that piece makes you look ridiculous.”

    “Excuse me, Sibyl, but not everyone can protect themselves with a psychic shield. A piece of armor goes a long way.”


    “Uh huh… why are we running again?”

    “We have to get back home. There are people needing our help.”

    “’Our help?’ So… it’s on us to save the world now? You doubted yourself back there.”

    “I’m serious, David.”

    “So am I, Sibyl.”

    “Why are you smiling? We’re all in grave danger.”

    “Yes, we are. But holding your hand, I believe that everything is going to be okay.”



    I’m really liking where you’re taking Harlekin’s characters. Meanwhile, here’s another for you. I originally called her Firebird, the fully transformed version of my character, Hothead. Make her and call her what you will. Full disclosure: image is filtered version. Oddly enough, the unfiltered HM pic is to large to post.


    The Atomic Punk

    Thanks, WMD. I’m liking Harlekin’s designs! If you want, e-mail the original HM version of Hothead – I might be able to shrink it. Really like the filtered version. Sort of “Andy Warhol & Salvador Dali’s Love Child.” I can see that as some backdrop at a concert or on a t-shirt. Hmmm… perhaps I’ve said too much.

    Köszönöm, Harlekin. I can’t wait to see what awaits Sibyl and David.



    I’ll see if I can resize and if not, I’ll send it to you. the resizes tend to be rather small, more like large thumbnails. Smile

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