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    The Atomic Punk

    Seems I’m caught up on requests. I have a couple of things in the works while I am waiting on permissions. So, I’m available for more adventures if you have a character or design.

    Again, thanks to everyone who has loaned their characters to me and to readers everywhere. It’s fun to interact and share with the HeroMachine community.



    I have two separate characters for you. One I have a inkling of a background for, the other I have absolutely no idea for.




    Love what you did with my last character (and I still intend to do more images for that story.)
    Would love to see what you can do with this one.

    American Girl



    Nice characters, Linea. Looking forward to seeing what Atomic does with them. Headless, American Girl looks amazing! Like a cel shaded photo; great! Atomic, I like what you’ve done with Amy and the Bandit so much that I’ve included it into their stories and have made them arch rivals. Here’s another character I would like to see what you do with. Like the other two, whatever you do, I’m going to run with it. One catch; did you read my Miracle Man bio? This character is one of his enemies but I have nothing other than the image. I’ll put in a spoiler just to give a general vibe, but anything else is up to you. I call her Heartless.As I was making up the story for Miracle Man, I mentioned a few villains. Here is the first of Miracle Man’s Golden Age villains, the femme fatale, Heartless. Haven’t made up what she is to have a super powered protagonist, or if she’s going to be strictly an enemy from MM’s past or if she somehow followed him to Earth Prime to continue their old rivalry, though as I write this, that sounds like an interesting idea to work with. As always, I’m open to suggestions. Also, I did two closeups, one with a scar across her face. Opinions, please! Miracle Man was the greatest Golden Age hero of his world. A world that did not have many super beings and he was the mightiest of them all. But that was years ago. The days of busting up the Atomic Squad, Heartless and the Neo-Men were long gone and he was just Jeffrey Jones again, enjoying his retirement. One day he was trying on the old costume just for the heck of it and to his surprise, he found himself transformed and transported. He suddenly was his youthful, in-his-prime self and on a strange, yet somehow familiar world. In fact, he found himself on Earth Prime, a world populated by many heroes and superbeings. Needless to say he was simultaneously shocked and thrilled. (Funny thing about the multi-verse; EVERYONE thinks their Earth is the only one!)


    The Atomic Punk

    Great characters, everyone! Lots of directions to choose from.

    This time, a reversal. Harlekin re-designed my characters Erszé and Rebecka in his style. They have really inspired me to re-visit my unfinished “Three Sisters” saga. The epic revolves around a solar system with three inhabitable planets and its ruling dynasty: House Bathóry.

    The themes are what I call “suggestive literature.” Thanks to the exquisite re-vamp, I guess I could say that they are “Harlekin romances.”

    Császári Trón (The Imperial Throne)
    Character designs by Harlekin; Original Characters and Story by The Atomic Punké_and_Rebecka_RM.png

    “Come along, Cica. You are in for a treat. I have Ecsed Palace all to myself. Mother will never allow you into her throne room. So, in we go!

    “The Crystal Throne… from here, I will make decisions for my hundreds of millions of subjects. My word will be law. The destiny of an entire solar system in my hands.

    “You will be here, too, Cica, right at my feet. No more staying locked in my bed chamber while I go about these droll affairs.”

    “Erzsé! What is that nuppa doing in my throne room? Must you drag her everywhere you go?”

    “Mommy! I mean… Empress Anna. I didn’t expect you home so soon. Please stop yelling. You’re making Rebecka cry.”

    “We shall have words for you when we have settled from our return. Remove your pet from here immediately!”

    “Yes, Empress, I was just about to go for a walk in the garden.”

    “Very good. Daughter, do take an umbrella. It looks like it may rain.”



    I don’t know what I like better, the art or the story! Harlekin’s work is amazing as always and Atomic, your story telling covers such broad range. This was, as you said very suggestive. But then, I have a dirty mind so I could be taking this places it was never meant to be!


    The Atomic Punk

    Original Characters by Linea24; Story by The Atomic Punk

    “Captain Rane, the ship, she is a-ready to sail.”

    “Aye, Bos’n, well done. We remain at port while we wait our cargo. They better pay in gemstones as long as they have kept us here. We’re vulnerable to the Admiral’s navy and privateers. Crow? Any sign of the incendière?”

    “No, Captain. I shall not leave the nest until I spy him.”

    “Carry on then, Crow. The sun is setting. He can arrive none too soon. The night will cloak our egress.”

    “Captain, o-ho! I see torches moving through the port.”

    “Torches? Bloody fools, what part of ‘incognito’ don’t they understand? He’s flashing his powers for all to see.”

    “Greetings, Captain Rane. May I present to you young Aidan. Do you guarantee his safe passage?”

    “Good eve, to you, Governor. I swear on my life and the lives of my crew. Most peculiar circumstance that we transact.”

    “Ahem, yes, but Aidan is no ordinary incendière. He is my son. The Crown must not know of his whereabouts. Lest they draft him for their insane wars.”

    “A peaceable man, I see. Then we are in agreement. The price is 20,000 sterling.”

    “Twenty thousand?!? Woman, you insult me!”

    “Then 40,000 sterling?”

    “Preposterous! We signed a contract, Captain Rane.”

    “Oh, about that… I’m illiterate.”

    “Well, you can obviously count. The agreed 5,000 and not a pfenning more.”

    “Governor, you are not as desperate as I thought. What assurance do you have that I do not sell your precious fire-thrower at the next port or even to the Crown?”

    “Because, your father owes me. Since he is no longer among us, the debt falls to his daughter.”

    “And this is what you ask to balance the account?”

    “It is.”

    “Then we have a deal, Governor. We set sail forthright.”

    “Godspeed and good luck, dear son. A last query of you, Captain Rane.”


    “Do you drive such a hard bargain with all of your uncles?”



    Lady drives a hard bargain!



    I really like the twist you did at the end, where the governor turns out to be Rane’s uncle.


    The Atomic Punk

    Thanks, everyone. More to come! These latest requests have been great.

    @Harlekin: I corrected the title. I have been relying on “Bing Translator” for help with Hungarian. I have studied several languages. Hungarian has been one of the toughest.

    Today is “International Beer Day!” With that, cheers! I will “see” you all tomorrow.



    Dear Atomic Punk feel yourself today, but i really interest what you think about the aschenvelt pictures.

    and the next


    The Atomic Punk

    Original Characters by Linea24; Story by The Atomic Punk

    “First Mate Pascual, please to write in my journal as I dictate.”

    jeudi, le 12ème de mars

    Aidan has been aboard The Rose Queen but three days. He has already proven himself a risk. The crew delights in his fiery displays. Just yesterday, he almost burned down a sail with his “raging dragon.” I swear, he’s a bigger threat to this ship than the Admiral. I regret accepting this contract. Half a mind to

    “Captain Rane, on deck! Ships to port!”

    “Who are they? What are their colors?”

    “Too far to see from here. Crow, what say you?”

    “If you’d purchase me a bleeding spyglass! Hmmm… aghast! It’s The Hangman’s Noose!”

    “Just our luck, Captain, pirates. Of course, that includes present company.”

    “Quartermaster, this is no jest. They will attack.”

    “With our passenger, shall we try to elude them?”

    “The Rose Queen run from a fight?!? Yes, my uncle would kill me should something happen to Aidan.”

    “Too late! Cannonball!”

    “How did they close in so fast? No time! They’re boarding.”

    “Woohoo! I was getting bored on this floating piece of merde.”

    “Aidan! What are you doing? How dare you insult The Queen. Lock yourself in the cabin. We will fight Captain Beauchamp.”

    “Captain Rane, watch out!”

    “Hey, that fireball knocked off my hat!”

    “Sorry, cousin, didn’t mean to save your neck from the thrust of a cutlass.”

    “Aidan, when this is over…”

    “We’ll be victorious!”


    “Pascual, have you your quill?”

    vendredi, le 13ème de mars

    Despite my initial impression of Aidan as a reckless whelp, he has proven to be most formidable in combat. He needs to learn to control his gift of fire better. With the right training, he has the potential to be a magnificent incendière.

    Uncle was wrong. The Seas and Islands should know of Aidan. As the newest member of my crew, he will help me bring the fight to the Admiral and the Crown.


    The Atomic Punk

    Erszé and Rebecka

    Egy séta a kertben (A walk in the garden)
    Character designs by Harlekin; Original characters and story by The Atomic Punk

    “Know what I think, Cica? Empress Anna is jealous. She owns thousands of nuppas. They attend to her every need and desire. But they are not special like you. You belong to me.

    “Sigh, mother is always right. The clouds are coming in. Good thing that I listened to her and brought my umbrella.

    “This is a good place to rest. We will go inside soon. I want to take a moment to enjoy the refreshing shower.

    “Poor Cica, you are shivering. Let’s get you out of those wet clothes and warm ourselves by the fireplace.”


    The Atomic Punk

    American Girl
    Original Character Design by headlessgeneral; Story by The Atomic Punk

    “My mom is originally from Murmansk, Russia. She met my dad in Havana while working on her Masters degree in Political Science.

    “What she didn’t tell him is that she’s a mutant. Surprise! He didn’t tell her that he’s a mutant, too. What happens when two mutants decide to have a baby? The Cuban government kicks in the door.

    “They couldn’t go to Russia because Moscow also had an interest. One fateful night, they got on board a fishing boat that was fleeing for the United States. My mom, 9-months pregnant, and my dad without a penny to his name.

    “No sooner did they step on the Key West beach, my mom goes into labor. Welcome to America, baby girl!

    “My dad was able to find work as a short-order cook at Waffle House. He later became manager of several stores. My mom was able to finish her degree and now works in the Florida State Corrections System. She specializes in the rehabilitation of meta-human convicts.

    “The whole time they kept their abilities secret. They wanted to live normal lives. They wanted me to be safe and happy. To compensate for the monotony, they entered me in various beauty and talent contests. I was an all-American girl.

    “In 2010, the summer before my sophomore year, I was visiting my papa at work. I was excited because we were about to go to the Cheerleading World Finals.

    “A couple of punks rushed in the store demanding money. One had a bat; the other a knife. My dad was willing to give them what they wanted as long as they didn’t hurt anyone and promised to leave. They decided to take me hostage.

    “Dad pleaded with them. Instead, the one with the knife slashed my face. That’s when my dad showed his true power. With the wave of his hand, the pen on the counter shot through the air and stabbed my attacker in his eye. It impaled him. With another wave, a butterknife flew and stabbed the other thug in the shoulder. So forceful, that it stuck out the other side.

    “The secret was out. My dad is telekinetic. When mom came home, she freaked. I was thrilled. I asked her if she knew. Then I asked her if she had any special powers. With a flick of her wrist, everything electric in the house shut off. Another flick, the lights turned back on.

    “To my squee, I discovered that I had both powers! Soon after the attempted robbery, my mom contacted a friend she met through work. Dr. Winters is the director of the Meta-Research Consortium. MRC not only studies mutants, but they help develop our powers and sponsor us. Through training, I am able to use my telekinesis to effectively fly.

    “Thanks to the support of my adoring parents, I won Miss-Meta 2011. Youngest crown evah! Now that I’m 18, I have the option to try out for MRC’s ‘Angels.’ The Angels are mutants trained to assist in catastrophes. That’s noble… but I’d rather be fighting crime.”



    Great stories, as always! American Girl just screams “series”! Between your words and Harlekin’s art, I am stuck!

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