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    Ubi? You live?


    I am alive, I have risen



    Fear itself…. He knows all your fears…



    Very nice. I like it.


    I have been absent a long time. Trying to create some of heroes/creations into reality. But I occasionally look at the CDC.

    Here’s my entry. Little awkward in the body positioning, but I still like it none the less.



    Dr. Plague

    Villainous man who wishes to set destruction upon the human race by means of another plague with the use of celestial magics and biohazardious creations. Believes man to be the true plague.




    Awesome dude, love the mask. Good to have you back.


    A reimagining of my Sadist, the silent and ever so malicious assassin


    Awesome dude, love the mask. Good to have you back.

    Thanks! And good to have you comment on my work, as always


    Lady Amaranth

    Awesome collection! I always like finding older large threads like this one. It’s really cool to see people’s first creations vs their most recent stuff. Makes me wish I had hopped on the forums faster.


    I haven’t posted in a long while to this page. I have a ton of work to dump out here!

    My first creation is Rage. A kid with a vast amount of power that becomes more powerful as he gets more angry and the human fight or flight kicks in. He’s an antihero with anger issues to say the least.



    Jennifer has the ability of rapid cellular regeneration, which is was an ability granted from mutation of a gene when she was born. It didn’t reach its full potential of nearly instant healing until she was put through a devastating accident, which in return activated the superhuman healing. This ability grants her to live far beyond a normal being whilst retaining her youthful looks. It also provides her with strength beyond what a normal human being is capable of due to the constant healing of muscles from being torn. She is a part of the NYPD and her friend urged her to take up crime fighting as a vigilante. Jen sees it as ridiculous and hardly wears a “costume”, only a mask to hide her face adequately. Her friend suggested she go by the name ReJen as a joke due to her regenerative abilities and her name being Jennifer. It eventually stuck.

    Rejen is more of an anti-hero as she is a brutal crime fighter. She is as intelligent as she is brutal. She is a very deadly weapon with her abilities, gifts of being a skilled fighter, and her determination.


    ReJen in action. This was more of an experimental pose and action.



    One of my older characters. The man with many souls, Nick Arkham.

    This is an older piece. I hope you all don’t mind, but I will be posting a lot here 😉

    I’m not a fan of how muddy the hair looks. I also studied how AMS colored faces, was trying to attempt it. AMS I have to say is one the Machiners that inspires me and learn from.


    Another old character of mine, Slayer…the vampire vigilante.

Viewing 15 posts - 541 through 555 (of 627 total)

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