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    Another character from my Hit-World series: Red Panda

    Zhu Fang from China is known by Hitmen around the globe as Red Panda. Zhu ends up on The White Rabbit’s team in round one of the Hit-World games. While she is not thrilled to have the huge target on her back due to the White Rabbit’s fame, she does what she can to help him with his amnesia. Each helmet is equipped with a translator device allowing everyone to communicate with each other.


    Awesome! Love the guns too!


    Herr D

    Does Hit-World regenerate its people so it doesn’t spontaneously empty? With a name like Hit-World, I’m curious about the mechanics–maybe they just don’t have any overcrowding? (Good Croft-like leg look with the holster.)



    cool stuff



    Dude, all of this = SHEER AWESOMENESS.


    Mad Jack

    Awesome characters as always! Hit-world sounds like a great story for an action movie with Jason Statham or/and Clive Owen … ;)



    @Ubiquitous Pixel: thank you so much!

    @Herr D: Good question. Well In my mind the amusement park in which it takes place is very expansive with plenty on room for 1000 people to hide and such. Also the game just ends when it ends, there’s no time limit or schedule. If things do get slow there will be some intervention, like perhaps less safe houses.

    : Thanks! Haven’t seen you around much recently, it’s nice to hear from you and I look forward to more of your awesome creations.

    @Lightningsword: Thank you so much!! That makes me feel really good, I’m really glad you approve. Smile

    Jack: Thank you! You’re totally right, that’s exactly what I think of when I hear Hit-World. I’d watch that movie. Laugh



    Introducing: Cosmic Kid!


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    1. Post the image as normal.
    2. Click the attachment to see the full image.
    3. Copy the url from the address bar.
    4. Click Edit on your post.
    5. Press the “insert/edit image” button above the text box & paste the url in the pop-up window.
    6. Save post.



    Thank you for the help with posting, Anarchangel. 🙂



    The Great Haredini!  Definitely had some fun delving into an anime/Pokemon style for this character.  Still working on a bio, but so far my concept is that Haredini is the result of a magician’s magic trick/spell gone wrong.  Now the magician is trapped in this body after performing what should have been a routine rabbit-hat trick.

    On a side note, I’m still struggling to figure out how to post characters, all I can do is post attachments again.  Anarchangel explained it to me a while ago, but for some reason things seem to have changed or I’m remembering something wrong.

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    Dude, have I ever told you you’re awesome?

    Oh, I have, well I’m gonna keep doing so then, because it’s true.

    I see you’ve been coming up with some… harebrained characters whilst you were away. (ba dum bum tish).

    My advice on the character posting is, keep uploading as you are doing, then once you’ve submitted, open the attachment in a new tab, edit the post and paste the link to the attachment into the Insert/ edit image box in the tool bar for the reply box, much like Anarchangel said. That way you get it in full size in the post. It’s a pain and quite long winded but it works. It’s pretty much the same as posting for a contest really.



    Yay!  Now I can post images again.  Thanks for your help JR.  Also, I’m really glad you like Haredini 😀




    It took me a while to realize Haredini was actually done in Heromachine. That’s a pretty impressive feat!



    Haredini is so sweet!

Viewing 15 posts - 526 through 540 (of 666 total)

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