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    Thanks Weilyn and Iscarioto Smile And I’m glad you like Chris Kelly. He’s another favorite of mine. I have a lot of favorites Smile



    Amazing characters! I wish I saw Green before I did my character with a shiner. Great work there. It looks almost like you retouched a photo, there’s so much depth!


    Thanks WMD!


    This guy started off as just a random character I was making for fun, but I think I have a place for him in my universe. I’ll have to think on it some more.

    Forest Warrior



    wow! just wow! i was thinking he was holding masks though… realized those were guns.. i love this character.


    Thanks, prswirve


    For ams’s COLOR MY ARMOR challenge



    Here’s some more old stuff. These are form Character Contest 70: Leo!

    First is “Leo Gladiator”, who was a finalist. I started off with the idea for the head with the big mane made of hair pieces and just worked from there. I liked how this one turned out but looking back at it I could have maybe work the right forearm and hand a little better.

    Leo gladiator

    Next was “Pride”. For this one I tried to make a lion pride with human/lion hybrids. I mostly like how this one turned out. The “cub” doesn’t seem to be sitting on the level as the rest of the pride and I wish I were better with backgrounds. I wanted to make them gathered in the shade under a tree but gave up after a couple of tries and just went with what I have here.




    @headlessgeneral said:

    For ams’s COLOR MY ARMOR challenge


    Is it possible to win at Heromachine? Because I think you just did. I cannot wrap my head around that colouring, it hardly resembles Heromachine anymore, and that’s awesome.


    Thanks, Luc. Yeah, I’ve been practicing a new technique a lot lately. It’s basically just highlighting or shading using other objects and playing with the alphas… ok, it’s hard for me to explain in words… I first seen the technique in a user on the ugo forum’s work. His name was Pesky and he did great work. His thread is one of the ones that I really miss with that forum being closed. You can see some of his work and the technique(most notably in his “Red Riding Hood”) in the blog Hall of Fame

    I was supposed to put together something for someone on the blog giving tips on how I color, I’ve just been lazy about it. I still want to do it. Soon…


    A coloring of one of Gargantua’s characters




    Nice. I did not think about white skin. Thats a interesting idea. Mayby I shoud call this character a Undeath warrior.
    Anyway, great colors.



    wow that coloring is really great! i wish i could learn that from you. that’s awesome!


    Belated thanks to Gargantua and prswirve.

    Been gone for a while(no access to a good computer to create on) but I’m back now. At least for a bit. And now that I’m back I’m having trouble coming up with new ideas. So, I just opened the Machine, started a random creation and came up with this guy. No name or story, just a random ugly with a broken wing. BrokenWing.png



    Stunning!!! Surprised

    Love the broken wing!

Viewing 15 posts - 256 through 270 (of 513 total)

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