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    Last one for NHA’s redesign contest



    For Blue Blazer’s Blackout redesign contest



    For Character Contest #H08 “Atlantis Revealed”

    Atlantean Royal Bodyguard


    I love all the poses prswirve has been making, so much so that I just had to use one. Here is my character Sir Jerry in his “standing gun” pose

    Sir Jerry – pose by prswirve




    Wow! Such a great character you have there! I love the colors and the shading too. Thanks for utilizing the pose as well…


    Thanks, prswirve. For the compliments and the pose to play with.


    Just messing around I came up with this insignia or whatever you want to call it for headlessgeneral(me).


    What do you think? I know the uniform’s not very decorated but I wanted to keep it simple and, honestly, I wouldn’t know what medals and such to put on it even if I wanted to.



    Cool, medals can easily be looked up on line. They are a little hard to make them look half way real.


    Yeah, I was looking up images and I may try and make something and see how it goes.

    *Ok, just saw it up as my avatar and since anything I make would be barely visible anyway, I’m gonna leave it as is.


    Ok, I loved prswirve’s pose so much I had to use it again. This time with Sir Jerry’s best friend and fellow space adventurer. This is a redesign of the captain of the SunCross, Chris Kelly.

    Chris Kelly – pose by prswirve


    For the “Sports Hero” contest on the blog.


    Joe was a hot shot in baseball, one of the top prospects in the nation. Until his powers developed when he turned 14. He can now charge up inanimate objects with explosive results. Now Joe chooses to use his talents swinging a bat to protect the masses instead of hitting a baseball. Major League Baseball’s loss is the world’s gain.



    For NHA’s current redesign contest



    Had some free time and I wanted to create something new, but after a couple of failed attempts I’ve decided I’m just not “feeling it” today. So instead, I’m going to share some old stuff that was up on the now extinct ugo forums but not yet here.

    First up are some entries into Character Contest 69: Face-off were the goal was to create the best faces of characters.

    Green – This one got an honorable mention. I don’t really remember were I was going with this one conceptually. Don’t know why I gave him a black eye or why he’s a big green guy with wings and spiky hair and side burns and chains. I do remember that I was using him for zypping practice. I think it turned out ok but the zypping could have maybe been more balanced. The “black eye” is heavily zypped while the rest of the image has little to no zypping.

    Wicked – I really like this one. And it is of one of my favorite original character’s, Guardians member Wicked. But it didn’t really fit the contest theme as you can’t actually see her face.

    Nightfall – Another favorite of my own characters. And I think this his first appearance on these forums. He is a main villain of the guardians but I’ve been holding off on him to do an update. Any, on this one I used other objects(mostly eyebrows) colored different ways to do the highlight and shading. I liked the way it turned out.

    That’s it for character contest 69. I’ll probably be adding more old stuff later.



    I really love the facial damage on Green



    Green is fantastic, as is Nightfall.

    I’m also huge on Chris Kelly, he’s just so… Irish. Love it!

Viewing 15 posts - 241 through 255 (of 513 total)

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