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    And here’s the next Conqueror King. Ermy, King of Thieves, The Goblin King, Master of Mischief and Magic. Taking is Ermy’s passion and there is nothing Ermy can’t steal. He keeps his most prized possession in a small sack tied around his neck, hidden by his cloak.




    Ermy!!!! Yay, an orb holder. Finally.


    Yes Smile But it will probably still be a while till we see the rest Frown


    Herr D

    . . . that old Blackfire magic that he weaves so well . . . Smile



    There’s a lot of great storytelling and “acting” in the Ermy illustration. You’ve managed to design a fantasy character who looks like he could exist in the real world. Great job.


    Thanks RobM. I’m not as good with the words so I try and get as much characterization in the image as I can.


    The next Conqueror King. Still working on a name for him though. I do know he is strong, fast, extremely agile, the ultimate fighter and killer. He comes from a planet half covered in forest.




    These characters are amazing! I love the masks and Ermy is definitely my favorite. Great shading, too.


    Thanks CantDraw Smile


    The last Conqueror King. I already posted this guy in my other thread. Just putting him Here where he was originally made to be.
    This is Destructo, killer alian robot. He provides the firepower.




    Destructo looks rad! Love the looks of his armor and that sneaky grin on his face.



    Still very cool.


    Mad Jack

    Love Ermy and the Forest King. They both look awesome… Cool


    Thanks Jeimuzu, ams, and madjack!

    I created these two characters for ams’s villain contest. I liked them so much I decided to add them to my universe. I’m putting them here because while they aren’t Conqueror Kings themselves I’ve decided the would be Nightfall’s top agents, his attack dogs. Here’s The Beast and his wife, Beauty.

    The Beast


    So, the Ktarii are running around trying to take over the universe, the people of Reava are leading the fight against them, and the Conqueror Kings are causing problems for everybody. But What is going on on Earth? On Earth heroes are rising. Some time ago The Crown of Reava felt they were losing the fight. So they found a planet with lifeforms very similar to theirs and sent a party to intermingle with the people there and create a second “Planet of Heroes”. That planet was Earth.

    One of the first heroes to rise on Earth was The Guiding Light. The Guiding Light had super strength, speed, endurance, durability, senses and the power of flight. Along with all that that The Guiding Light possessed a staff given to him that could manipulate light. For years The guiding Light protected Earth as it’s greatest hero. Until Nightfall came upon Earth…

    The Guiding Light

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 118 total)

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