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    Great work here. Especially love the Ktarli, the way they carry themselves and the way they look so eerily realistic. Also love the two members of the The Crown.


    Thanks Maaz


    Next up

    Output – Output is composed completely of a red hot burning energy. While she is able to hold a human form without her specially designed suit the heat from her form would burn anything she touched. Her suit is designed with five ‘outputs'(one on each hand, and one each on her head, chest and back) from which she can focus out her energy in the form of immense blasts. Without her suit, Output can ‘explode herself’ with a force equal to that of a atom bomb and afterwords pull herself back together. The source of her power or how it is able to replenish itself is unknown. Despite her energy form Output seems to have a normal functioning mind making her susceptible to mental attacks. Output also has normally functioning senses despite her energy form.



    Queen Zor is as lovely as King Kiin and Prince Poota are bad asses!


    Next Crown of Reava member

    Immortal Woman – The Immortal Woman is immortal, she cannot die. She’s not invincible, she can be hurt, she can feel pain, but no matter how serious the injury she will recover from it over time. The Immortal Woman has been around forever, no one knows exactly when she was born, not even herself. The Immortal Woman is tired, but she will not stop fighting until the war is won.



    These Characters are Amazing


    Thanks, Jackgibberish



    i like whisperLaugh



    freakin’ awesome!Immortal Woman sounds alot like my wife ,she just won’t die and she heals to fast.And to add insult to injury(ha),I DO bruise with ease!Wink


    Been awhile. But, finally, here’s another member of The Crown

    Big Brains – A physical and mental powerhouse. Big Brain prefers to use his brains rather than his brawn.




    Love the body language.



    Great characters! Whisper is a nice nod to BlackBolt from Marvel’s InHumans.


    Thanks RobM and WMDBASSPLAYER. And WMD, how’d you guess? I did have Black Bolt I mind when I created Whisper. He’s sort of a mash up of Black Bolt and Batman. Not very subtle, I know. Laugh



    Big Brains is really cool, I really like how you posed his arms, and I love his gloves and boots.


    Thanks Jeimuzu!

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 118 total)

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