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    Hi, headlessgeneral here. I’ve decided to open this new thread and use it to post my original characters only. My other thread will still be open and used to post contests entries and any other images I may create. I’m doing this to keep better track of my universe that exist only in my head and my other thread was beginning to become too crowded with contest entries. The characters in this thread will be more focused on design and less on fancy poses and zypping. As always, any comments, compliments and critiques are welcome. Enjoy!


    I’m going to start things off with the main characters of a galaxies spanning empire. And first is the king.

    King Kiin – Ruler of the Ktarii, an empire bent on universal domination. The Ktarii are among the oldest civilizations in the universe and are believed to be ancestors and/or creators of all humanoid beings in the universe. With billions of years of technological and spiritual advancement, the Ktarii have reached an almost godlike status. Personally, King Kiin possesses power unmatched in the entire history of the Ktarii. But King Kiin is not as merciless as some in the empire would have him be. And with his first son being born “pale,” there are some that see King Kiin as an unfit ruler and seek to have him replaced.



    Queen Zor – King Kiin’s second queen. A vicious as can be and 100% loyal to King Kiin. And those are exactly the reasons she was chosen to be queen.




    As always, your characters are top notch!


    The Atomic Punk

    Great pose for Queen Zor. She looks like a sadistic psycho.

    I like the background. The royal herald, I assume? It is subtle yet frames the characters well.


    Delirious AL

    I’m digging the overall look of the king and queen’s race. Even though the color scheme is sorta reminiscent of Captain Planet, I think you pull it off better with your characters. Smile



    I love your characters, you tell us everything we need to know just through their faces and posture.
    I love the background as well. It’s amazing how something so simple can make such a stunning background.

    On another note, as you’re doing the Ktarii on this thread, are you going to be reposting/ redoing Ermi and the Orb Holders?
    Because those guys were brilliant. Smile


    Thanks, guys Smile

    Atomic Punk – Not sure I know what a royal herald is. Is it anything like the Game of Thrones house sigils? Because that’s what I was going for.

    @Delirious Al – Wow, I didn’t even see the Captain Planet similarities until you mentioned them. But I do like them so I’m keeping them. Smile

    – Yes, I do plan on redoing the Orb Keepers but it might be awhile. And Ermi will be done a lot sooner than the rest.


    Next up…

    Prince Potaa – King Kiin’s second son. Kiin and Zor’s only son has all the power of his father and all the viciousness of his mother which would normally make him an ideal successor to the throne. But to many it seems that Potaa’s every action flies in the face of Ktarii tradition, adding yet another reason for some to seek to take the throne from the House of Kiin.



    Ktarii Royal Guard – Sworn 100% loyal to the throne.




    colors always so trademark as well as the facial features and expression.You always have wonderful consistancy especially in grouped characters and I love the backstories.I think it was a good idea to keep this thread apart from the other.Good work on these guys !Wink


    Thanks Scatman!


    I had some ideas for more Ktarii but i’m not liking how anything is turning out. So I’m going to move on to some other guys in the next post and leave this one to add to if I do get anymore Ktarii done that I like.


    The Ktarii aren’t just running through the universe unopposed. At the forefront of that opposition are the people of Reava. Reava is a planet very similar to earth with one notable exception, one in every ten Reavans born are born special. Reava is a planet of heroes. Leading the heroes of Reava against the reign of the Ktarii are six individuals known as The Crown of Reava. I will now present to you the Crown of Reava.

    First up

    Whisper – Highly intelligent and an excellent fighter with enhanced strength, speed, durability, agility and reflexes. In addition to those skillls, Whisper has power over sound which he uses in a variety of ways. Whisper does have one unexplainable flaw, the volume of his natural speaking voice increases exponentially and he has no control over it. While a whisper is just a whisper, if he tried to speak in a normal talking voice it would come out as a loud shout. A shout from whisper could bring down buildings. Because this abnormality occurs only when whisper tries to talk in his natural voice, Whisper could just mimic the voice of someone else and speak at a normal volume. But, as he thinks it’s exhausting using his power in that way, he usually just chooses to whisper. Whisper is the practical joker of the group.



    Next Crown of Reava member

    Switch – Switch has the ability to ‘switch’ between just about any superpower instantaneously but can hold only one power at a time. But while he can only use one power at a time, Switch has become so good at the instantaneous switch that he can at times appear to be omnipotent. Super speed is his favorite power because of its versatility in ‘combos’ with other powers. In a crowd of wounded he could use super speed to run from one to another switching just for a split second to a healing power and then back to super speed and on to the next of the wounded, healing the whole room in seconds. For an added impact he could use a super speed to super strength combo. If he needs an answer on the go? Nothing a quick switch to super intelligence can fix. Super speed and intangibility allows him to travel in a straight line to get to a place in a minimum amount of time without having to worry about anything getting in the way. The possibilities are endless for Switch. While there is no official leader of The Crown, Switch is the public face of the group.

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