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    The Atomic Punk

    Fantastic! The heroine’s expression is the focal point. The costumes are great. The background is solid. Amazing light and shading.

    I think you’ll probably kill me for saying this. However, maybe move one of the men’s left legs slightly higher or lower. The way it looks now, they are in lockstep. Or, have one of the men looking at her? As it is, they look very stiff. A subtle shift of the eyes, head, or a leg would go a long away.


    Dionne Jinn

    You don’t need to bother to tell me what needs fixing with this image. I’m redoing it anyway. And I have other plans for positioning the men, so their way-too-identical posing is not going to be a problem anymore. Oh, and I have to say, I’m rather proud of that background…



    Excellent job, I love your style


    Dionne Jinn

    Thank you, Voel.

    Here is a new version of the scene. I actually ended up leaving Yanez out of the picture, I don’t think there is enough room for him anymore… Instead, allow me to introduce the first image I’ve made showing Lord James Guillonk, Marianna’s uncle, who doesn’t appreciate his niece’s taste in men, to put it mildly. The image itself still needs some work with minor issues, but I simply can’t edit it on my laptop anymore. 255 layers are too much for the poor computer and I need a better machine to get the details right.



    Magnificent! I love the faces!


    Dionne Jinn

    A quick piece for the currently running random name contest on the main blog.

    My set of ten random names was:
    Brain Vine
    Ice Plastique
    Lynx Panther
    Sea Hand
    Shadow Hatchet
    Shrinking Negator
    Trace Cancellor
    Vermillion Nuke
    Wolf Spook

    And here is the image I came up with. The Sea Hand is a powerful water witch, who can bring the ocean suddenly down on anyone approaching her island home even when the sea seems to be calm and peacefull.


    Dionne Jinn

    Back to Sandokan pictures again… Completed version of the earlier rescue/kidnapping scene. Updated with Sandokan’s correct skin tone and other minor edits.




    just checkin’ out your thread and enjoyin’ the stuff you got here!Marriana Yanez is a great composition great posing and great backround!


    Dionne Jinn

    Thank you, Scatman. I appreciate it.



    The forest background looks amazing.


    Dionne Jinn

    Thanks, Meniukas. Have to say I like it myself, too. I’m planning another adaptation of it, but haven’t started working on it yet.


    Dionne Jinn

    I just noticed that I have never added the two pictures I have of the Starlight Hunter here, they are just in the “Vehicle” section. Time to remedy that, so… First is the one that just got an honourable mention in Pop Quiz 36, the second is a schematics image of the same ship.


    Dionne Jinn

    My next Sandokan themed WIP. I’m having hard time with posing, especially with the guy whose back is turned. Also I think Sandokan looks a bit too large compared to his opponent.



    Magnus Maximus

    I like it! Making a turned back seems difficult (dressing a turned body is hard enough) but you seem to pull it off well!


    Dionne Jinn

    Thanks, but I actually think that dressing 3/4 body is harder than doing a back. At least it is when you want to use some detailed piece of clothing. Oh, and doing women with their backs turned is immensely easier than doing men for one reason: hair! With long haired women the hair can go to cover difficult parts.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 158 total)

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