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    Very well done, and very disturbing…


    Dionne Jinn

    Thanks, Moog.

    Here is a character of mine from long-since-ended Vampire – Masquerade RPG. Her name was Laura and she was a Toreador, and a professional photographer. Her ghoul-cat came to be from a gaming session held in LARP-style in my parents’s house, when my cat was hanging around the place (we didn’t have the heart to lock her in the bathroom for the duration of the game), so as we were supposed to be in Laura’s home, my cat became her ghoul and featured regularly in later pen-and-paper gaming sessions.



    Dionne Jinn

    And then back to Sandokan-related stuff. Here are two pictures (older one and a re-done one) I have done from the main cast of Emilio Salgari’s novel The Mystery of the Black Jungle, and who also appeared in Sandokan – The Pirates of Malaysia. The man who is standing back is named Kammamuri, he is a servant and friend to Tremal-Naik (the man kneeling with the tiger) and guardian and protector of Ada, Tremal-Naik’s bride and an (unwilling) priestess of Indian goddess Kali.

    The original picture:

    And here is the re-done version:



    Nice work with Laura, i also Vampire fan. Maybe i also redo on of my played character.

    And the jungle scene is so nice.


    Dionne Jinn

    Thanks, Harlequin. I would like to see your character. I’m thinking of doing another Vampire character of mine, Ada Cale (and yes, her given name did come from Salgari’s Ada, because I was running low on ideas for names at the time and it suited her just fine)…

    Anyway, here is an OCD (improved) version of the main cast of The Mystery of the Black Jungle. Unfortunately I had to shrink it a lot to get it under the 500 KB limit.


    Dionne Jinn

    Helene Malden and Martin Rowe might appear like an innocent dating couple, but looks can be deceiving. Helene works at saloons, serving drinks, dancing and singing (sometimes doing other things as well) while Martin clears out their victim’s pockets in poker table, while they both study the city staking out the “big prize”, be it the local bank, rich ranch owner’s house or another establishment. And before locals have time to say “sheriff” the couple is in the wind with a rich haul and they are preparing to start their coup again in another, unsuspecting town…


    A contest entry for “Western Villain” contest.



    I love the way you made those awesome backgrounds that complete your illustrations. I just dont have patience enough to do so on mine.


    Dionne Jinn

    Thanks. I sometimes spend more time doing the background than doing the characters. If you want to use one of my backgrounds, I don’t mind. I have uploaded some of them to “Custom item” archive and added text files, so anyone can use them.


    Dionne Jinn

    This is still very much a WIP, but I would like some feedback on how the canoe works, and if the characters are too large compared to the boat.



    The Atomic Punk

    Not so much the characters are too large. They are sitting too low. When you sit in a canoe, your hips are above the vessel and your knees are exposed.


    Dionne Jinn

    Okay. I moved them higher and now show some of their legs. And now their ship looks even smaller…


    OCD updated version of the image:


    Dionne Jinn

    I think I’m done with the canoe now. And for the record: this is yet another Sandokan image, based on Emilio Salgari’s characters. Sandokan (wearing a stolen uniform) is heading home with his friend, but had to leave his beloved Marianna behind, which made him rather moody compared to his companion.


    EDIT: Added couple more details, as suggested by Herr D during OCD:



    Dionne Jinn

    Sandokan had a rough night… Do you think his pose work? I couldn’t really get his knees to look like I wanted…




    He certainly looks like he’s been having a rough night! Awesome scene!

    I see what you mean about the knees, though. It’s like they’re a bit… non-existant.



    I’d suggest going for the bent knee jeans in the Kneepads section of the legwear items, maybe they might work better for you.

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