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    That is… Amazing. Wow.



    Thanks guys! I’m glad Xyxyr is going over so well. :D

    : He may not look very dangerous, but he’s got plenty of nasty weapons in the… armory



    @DiCicatriz said:

    : He may not look very dangerous, but he’s got plenty of nasty weapons in the… armory

    Well that’s handy Wink


    Delirious AL

    Geez dude! These last few are super well put together! :D Not to say that your others aren’t, but good job man!



    Xyxyr is awesome!



    Thanks Al and Vampyrist!

    So just trying to make new characters/stay in practice. Here’s an idea I may or may not utilize. Remember my Triad group from Spectrum? The extra-dimensional beings that represent Mind/Body/Spirit? No? Well just check out pg 18 for some context haha

    Anyways, I thought one possibility of that storyline wrapping up is that the three brothers combine together, erasing each of themselves (especially the psychotic Abaddon) from existence and creating a new being. This is that new being.

    Identity:Pansexual, Male-Bodied, Genderfluid
    Bio: Yrys came into being when the three brothers fused themselves together to end Abaddon’s assault on reality. He is the perfect combination of them, aspects of his personality, powers, and body reflecting each of them. He was a bit arrogant, but kind. He simply wanted the chance to experience life on our planet. The US Government was wary of allowing an extra-dimensional being loose on the planet, but Spectrum volunteered to take him in and train him.
    Abilities: Yrys’s abilities reflect his origins as the fusion of the three brothers. His body is highly durable and he has a limited degree of superhuman strength. He has very quick reflexes and is a natural warrior, his natural gifts supplemented by Cub’s combat training. His mind is highly resistant to telepathic manipulation and he possesses an intuitive six sense that allows him to feel emotional resonance in his environment. He also has the ability to project bursts of the energy native to his home dimension, in crackling glowing-blue bursts of light.



    Yup, still awesome. I’m loving the eyebrows (because, as we know, everything is improved by adding rainbows) and, actually, the whole facial expression. He just looks so cool.
    Also, I’m surprised you think people might forget any of your creations. I certainly haven’t.



    One of my highlights is visiting your thread. Such imagination and truly creative concepts. Always waiting for more…



    JR: Aw! Thanks! It’s nice to know my creations have stuck with somebody.

    AMS: Wow! That means a lot considering I browse your thread for inspiration all the time. :D

    One more for tonight and then the work week is on. (boo!) This is my character Enigma under his new codename, after he finally settles on an identity and his abilities cohere into a set form

    T.J. Knowles
    Identity:Polysexual, cisgender, male
    Bio: This is T.J. after the final battle and after he comes to terms with his feelings for fellow teammate Cody Cavanaugh and decides on his identity. He expends much of his energy reserve in the confrontation with Abbaddon. This, combined with the psychological impact of his realization, allows his abilities to settle into one final expression.
    Abilities: T.J. still wields the extra-dimensional energy that emanates from his body, but in a much more manageable form. Through touch he is able to copy the abilities of other posthumans and restructure his own body to temporarily mimic these abilities, with the side effect that his targets lose access to their own abilities for a similar amount of time. Conversely, T.J. can choose to infuse those he touches with his energies, boosting their abilities to heightened levels, at the cost of leaving T.J. physically drained.



    Mad Jack

    I love Yrys – and not just because he’s pansexual too! You have imho always the best face expressions and the rainbow hair is just awesome … Cool



    Beautiful work! To much great stuff to focus on just one thing!



    Yrys looks great! You can never go wrong with rainbow hair. (Also, genderfluid characters- yay! Any possibility of more non-binary characters in the future? ;) )



    Thanks everybody!

    Posting YRYS again with a background for the anything goes challenge on the blog.

    For the curious, the symbol behind him is a highly simplified version of Metatron’s Cube. I’m actually going to get this tattooed on my chest in the near future. :)
    Here it is without Yrys in the way:



    @Trekkie said:

    Yrys looks great! You can never go wrong with rainbow hair. (Also, genderfluid characters- yay! Any possibility of more non-binary characters in the future? http://www.heromachine.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_wink.gif )

    Now that you mention it….

    Identity: Agender, Asexual, non-human organism
    Bio: Nehyüt claims to be a high-ranking emissary from an alien civilization that has evolved to the point of completely abolishing the need for sexual reproduction, sustaining their society with non-degrading cloning procedures. They are a society with a singular identity, with only tangential differentiation between its members. They consider sexually and genetically diverse societies to be perverse and barbaric. Nehyüt hopes ‘enlighten’ humanity, to accelerate its evolution. Unfortunately xe has decided that shifting humanity to a non-gendered evolutionary state would be easier from a more uniform stock. Xir plans call for the annihilation of biological men from the human populace to avoid ‘dilution’.
    Abilities: Nehyüt is fused with wildly advanced technology, infusing xir with cosmic energies that enhance xir strength and durabilty. Xe posses cosmically reinforced psychokinetic abilities that allow xir to project powerful bursts of energy, create force constructs, and perform complex feats of telekinesis and telepathy.



    Very impressive body style you’ve created there. I especially like what you’ve done around the chest area, with the horns and such, and for some reason I really like the fact the abdominal plating doesn’t stretch up to the chest, the join where it ends looks perfectly natural. Good work.

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