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    Inspired by JR’s striking silhouettes I tinkered around a little to create this piece, commemorating the month of June, which is LGBT Pride Month :D




    These two are kind of one offs. I didn’t really have a concept/bio/powerset in mind when I made them. I’m thinking of finding a way of incorporating them into one of my existing universes. Maybe they could be a launching point of an entirely new one? What do you guys think?




    Alexander of Limbo

    I think a new group of superheroes may suit them better, whether in the same universe or not, as these characters seem more streety or urban than the LGBTQIA team.


    Herr D

    2 routes jump out: New group, lower power range. OR Baker Street Irregulars / Alfreds / gophers / informants for a power set you already have.



    Hmm… I like the idea of a group of urban vigilantes with a lower-level power range. Most of my other guys tend to be heavy hitters with secondary powersets and so on and so forth…

    So I created a little niche for them. They can exist in their own standalone universe, but I’ve included a way to incorporate them into the larger Spectrum universe if I want to explore that route. I’ll repost the first two with names/bios/powersets along with some new ones…

    Name: Tabitha Martin
    Powers: Energy hyper-metabolization.She can absorb various forms of energy (thermal, electrical, solar, kinetic) and metabolize them directly into her body in order to enhance her musculature and durability to superhuman levels. The extent of this enhancement is directly proportional and depends entirely on how much energy she’s absorbed.
    Bio: She is Trevor’s little sister, but takes it upon herself to protect him due to his disability. Before his abilities manifested, Tabitha looked out for him in most aspects of his life. She feels responsible for the incident that caused his blindness and is having trouble letting him grow into his own.


    Big Brother
    Name: Trevor Martin
    Powers: Extracorporeal visual perception. Big Brother can hijack the visual perception of others and ‘see’ through their eyes. This ability extends to animals and with extreme concentration he has been able to glimpse into camera feeds.
    Bio:Trevor is a reserved and bookish young man, whose life was drastically altered when he stood up to a dangerous group of kids who were harassing his sister. They beat him so badly he lost sight in both eyes. He was despondent, but would soon find himself with the ability to see through other means. His abilities are still developing, but Trevor’s powers have a lot of potential…




    Name: Nadir Hanasab
    Powers: Nadir’s body undergoes a dramatic transformation, his flesh and blood body burning away in a cascade of energy and revealing a chalk-white stone form underneath. This animated mineral body is incredibly durable and grants Nadir incredible superhuman strength. The stone gradually chips away and grows more brittle as Nadir’s human form regenerates within, eventually becoming nothing more than a thin shell that chips away to reveal Nadir underneath. The amount of time this form lasts before crumbling away depends on how much Nadir exerts himself.
    Bio: Nadir is an Iranian refugee. He fled his homeland and his family when he was outed as a homosexual. A former partner was arrested and forced to name other homosexuals for leniency in his sentencing. Nadir’s own family attacked him, his father and uncles forming a posse to deliver him to the police. They beat him and would have killed him, but at that moment Nadir’s post-human abilities emerged. Unused to his newfound strength, Nadir killed one of his uncles and ripped his father’s arm off. He fled to America, living on the streets for fear of being deported back to Iran. Flux found him and introduced him to the others. He has a home with them, and will do anything to protect his new family.


    Name: Owen Park
    Powers: Own has the ability to produce intense electric currents from his body. His body can produce voltages high enough to kill. He tends not to project arcs of electricity far from his body because he still has trouble manipulating his energies. He was unable to control his powers at all until he was given his tattoos. They’re laced with microcircuitry that helps him control the surges that come from his body. His control is getting better, but Arc is still afraid to use his abilities to their full potential.
    Bio: Owen use to run with a crew of wannabe gang bangers, whose usual stunts amounted to nothing more than intimidating or harassing high school kids. He never felt comfortable preying on innocent people and this trepidation came to a head when his ‘crew’ viciously assaulted a young man for sticking up for his sister. Owen stepped in before they could kill him, but he was too late to save Trevor Martin’s sight. He felt guilty and befriended the pair to help in Trevor’s recovery. The three of them would later get involved in another dramatic event, one that would change them forever…




    Name: Yessenia Dominguez
    Powers: Flux is the product of extensive gene therapy and surgical enhancement. Her agility, reflexes, dexterity, strength, and stamina have all been enhanced to the maximum potential for baseline humans. Her primary ability uses her altered neurology to speed up her perception of time. With this ability Yessenia can appear to move at superhuman speeds or perform incredibly complex cognitive tasks in very little time. Her body has human limits so she can only move in this altered state for as long as she can endure the strain it puts on her. Flux has extensive hand to hand combat training and is an expert fighter.
    Bio: Yessenia remembers very little of the person she used to be before she was abducted and experimented on. She recovered her personell file when she escaped her handlers, but the memories and the emotional connections were gone. Rather than put her family through the living death of their daughter, Yessenia chose to use her newfound abilities to make her community safer. She rounded up other posthuman youths and formed the Peacekeepers, training them to put their abilities towards the good of the community, while trying to stay two steps ahead of the handlers who will stop at nothing to retrieve their living investment…




    Aaaaand a group shot.

    The way I see their origin playing out: Flux is a supersoldier project gone astray and Golem is a natural post-human whose abilities were brought out by the stress of his family’s attack. Flux rescues Golem off of the streets after witnessing him use his abilities to fend off some unsavory characters. She meets the rest of the future team during the brawl that took Trevor’s sight. Owen befriends Trevor and his sister because he feels guilty about his involvement, but the trio are targeted by his old crew. Running from them one day leads to the three of them breaking into an industrial warehouse for cover. A gang banger fires a gun at a high pressure container of experimental containers that ends up exploding right next to them. They develop their abilities and Flux proposes they work together. BAM. You have.. the Peacekeepers.


    As for how it would fit in with Spectrum:
    Nadir is wanted for the murder of his uncle in Iran, obviously the circumstances haven’t been truthfully portrayed, and is targeted for extradition back to Iran. Spectrum- being a government based installation – is given the opportunity of finding and apprehending him for questioning, being as this is both a posthuman and gay rights issue. Classic team misunderstanding, they fight, end up teaming up against some kind of common enemy, gain mutual respect, Spectrum sticks up for Nadir, they maintain friendly communications, until next time…



    Can you stop being so awesome please, I’m running out of superlatives to describe your work.Wink


    Alexander of Limbo

    I agree with JR. You’ve got a very active imagination Sir Smile



    You my friend are a master of the craft of machining!Very inspired and well I must admit ,quite envious.I must learn the way of the force master!All kidding aside ,love the colors on these last few,very beautiful and vibrant!love it love it !!



    The inspiration gods have been blessing me mainly at work, so in the meantime have some re-designs. In this case I’m updating a concept I had for the Martial Artist contest way back when: The Family Fu! No major backstory here, I just thought a family of martial arts adventurers (like a non-powered the Incredibles) would be kind of neat.


    Mother Fu (Shen Long)

    Father Fu (Lao Hu)

    Kids to follow :)



    The littlest of the Fu family, used mainly for recon and stealth missions. Viper!




    Big sister, Vixen. Super agile and deadly quick blades master.




    Father fu is soawesome,he really captures a real fatherly demeanor as well as a mean fighter,and Viper and vixen look mazing.love the color shemes on these last few.You never cease to amaze me!

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