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    Hmm for some reason Photobucket keeps resizing the banner to tiny dimensions. This should be a tad bit more hi-res…




    Great looking group!



    Thanks! :D



    Having just been going through all the old contests, I have to ask, how can you be so consistently awesome? Looking at some of your older stuff, like Fever, the Psytwins and your FNF entries, it’s miles better than some people can do even now and those where about 2-3 years ago.
    Please tell us your secret, oh magnificent one!!!!!Wink

    BTW, if you are going back and redoing old contest entries again, posting the ones I mentioned wouldn’t go amiss, you managed to improve on your other old entries (which I had thought un-improvable).



    @JR19759 said:

    Having just been going through all the old contests, I have to ask, how can you be so consistently awesome? Looking at some of your older stuff, like Fever, the Psytwins and your FNF entries…

    ….BTW, if you are going back and redoing old contest entries again, posting the ones I mentioned wouldn’t go amiss, you managed to improve on your other old entries (which I had thought un-improvable).

    So I didn’t totally ignore you, I just had some retooling to do in the mean time :D . I’ve gone back to revisit those pieces mentioned as well as a few others who I thought would go nicely with them.

    The following is a series of characters who I imagine inhabiting the same world, the same run down and abandoned insane asylum sealed deep within its winding passages and labyrinthine cell blocks, doing unspeakably horrible things to any poor soul unfortunate enough to wander in…

    Sister Sanity and Sister Psychosis


    Backstory and the older version:
    Sister Sanity & Sister Psychosis- Twin sisters, Eliza and Elaine, who were experimented on in utero and during childhood by their father, an unbalanced geneticist obsessed with expanding the potential of the human mind. After their father’s scientific fascination turned into a perverse obsession the girls lashed out at him in his laboratory. He managed to spray Elaine in the face with caustic chemicals, scarring her horribly. With their concentration broken, their father managed to find his gun and fired a point blank shot into Eliza’s forehead. Elaine, in furious rage, reached into her father’s mind and ripped it apart, killing him instantly. Eliza survived, Elaine pulling the bullet out of her and keeping the wound from bleeding out, but her brain function was irreparably damaged. Eliza became a savage unpredictable individual, lashing out with unrestrained and chaotic telepathy. Elaine resigned herself to keeping her sister from harming others, keeping her in line with telekinetic chains and telepathic dominance of their tandem mind.




    Swelter (Who started out in one of the random name contests as “Fever Conjuress”)

    Backstory and old ‘Fever Conjuress’ image:

    Swelter: A young girl admitted with her family after all of them became violently ill, she was quarantined alongside them and was forced to remain with them as they fell one by one to prolonged feverish deaths. After her blood tested clean she was remanded to foster care, but a similar nightmare befell her subsequent foster family. Swelter has the ability to telepathically infect the autonomous nervous systems and immune response of others, and cause their bodies to manifest symptoms similar to but far more intense than malaria, diptheria, cholera, influenza. She remains sealed in the deepest part of the asylum.





    Backstory and old image:

    Stupor- A creature of pure and unrestrained gluttony. Stupor has no higher brain-function, no ability to reason; he simply consumes when he is hungry. He is never sated. His brain projects a field of telepathic numbness that overwhelms higher brain function and puts his targets into a state of complete, unfeeling apathy. After entrancing his victims, Stupor usually consumes them alive. They are unable to struggle, unable to resist…



    Backstory and older version:

    Sick: A healer whose gifts come at a terrible cost. Sick has the ability to absorb the effect of injuries, diseases, and pathogens from an individual’s body. Unfortunately, the absorbed damage infects Sick’s body and eats him away from the inside out. His skin is jaundiced, his organs on the constant brink of failure, and his muscle tissue all but withered away. He is surgically fused to the mechanical apparatus on his back, that hovers off the ground to provide him mobility and aids in the function of his organs, some of which having been removed and replaced with mechanical components.



    Now for the most violent members of our happy crew



    Backstory and old image:

    Sear: A pyrokinetic who can cause the spontaneous combustion of the air around her. She is not immune to her abilities and her entire body is covered in scarred over burn tissue. Because she constantly projects low level heat and flame around her, the surgeons at the asylum provided her with fireproof clothing and a protective mask to help her cope with her disfigurement. Her moods shift violently and the intensity of the flames around her increase and decrease accordingly.



    Backstory and old image:

    Sever: A psychotic killer who commands formidable telekinetic abilities. His abilities rend and tear through material swiftly and brutally, but the field extends at a diameter of two feet from his person leaving him unable to affect the shackles immediately on his person.. The asylum staff assumed that restraining him physically would quiet his abilities, but this just made him furious. Sever is unable to escape his bonds, but he takes his frustration out on those around him, with fatal results.


    Finally we have the master of the house, the dreadful and sadistic:

    Shudder (who originally went by Sade when posted in the psychic characters contest)


    Backstory and original image:

    Shudder- His brain secretes a chemical that, when oxygenated, releases a powerful form of telepathic radiation. This field of radiation pulses outward with his heartbeat, permeating a wide area. Individuals entering within range of the field begin to feel an overwhelming sense of dread that intensifies the closer they get to its source. In his immediate presence, the telepathic resonance of Shudder’s blood chemistry causes uncontrollable panic and paranoid delusions. Weaker-minded individuals have been driven insane by prolonged exposure to him.



    This lot is creepy and very well made. My favorites are Shudder and Sick. Also wouldn’t Stupor represent gluttony, not avarice. I love the energy effects you’re using, the gradient energies look quite good.




    Also who said anything about avarice… I’m sure you can see the post clearly says gluttony ;) [/ninja-edit]



    Love this set! Really shows how much you’ve grown as an artist.



    My head hasn’t so much exploded more melted after seeing all of those.



    These last few as disturbingly georgous as they are, might be some of the coolest horror types I’ve seen.
    Though Stuper ,sick and shudder are as JR said,mind blowing,I think I might prefer the more gore look on Stuper than the ladder.
    amazing as usual big D!(wow that sounds em em..).Great work!



    Okay, I’m going to have nightmares tonight.

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