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    I think she needs to invest in a different costume, especially with her power set. She could do some serious harm to herself. Like concussions.



    Here’s a fairy for autumn:




    I love how you did that fairy.



    Thank you Linea24! That means a lot coming from you. I can’t decide whether I like her face or not. It’s mainly the eyes, I think. For my next trick, I’m going to try to figure out a different way of making eyes that really pop (not the exploding, oozing type). Also, I want to add more movement and shine to my pictures. I’ve been inspired by some of the art on DeviantArt. My goal is to eventually create a Red Bat comic and possibly a Sumina-verse one, as well, but I still have much to learn.

    BTW, I mentioned before that I’m attempting to write a novel, but so far I only have one sentence, so it’s going to take while.



    I’m doing something I never do, revision a character. In this case, it’s the one I just posted. Compare and see what a difference the eyes make.


    I added a few other embellishments, like ears (I can’t believe I forgot those).


    Looks great. With the hair I didn’t even notice she was missing ears. And I like the change in the eyes, definitely like the second one better. Love your style.



    Returning to Red Bat, meet her former partner and mentor, St. Sapphire:


    St. Sapphire and Red Bat where the most succesful crime-fighting duo three years ago. That all changed when St. Sapphire was mysteriously killed one stormy night. After signaling Red Bat about an unknown villian, she was smashed into the ground. Red Bat found her soon after but doesn’t know who killed her. Sapphire’s sister, Dr. Emily Silver (sound familiar?), designed her suit which provided flight and enhanced strength. She also took out bad guys with her stun gun.

    I plan on doing a picture with both of them, possibly a butt shot.



    I like the shading on St. Sapphire. How did you get the sparkles to look that way?



    As soon as I get a chance, I’ll try to put together a little tutorial, maybe tonight or tomorrow. Someone had requested a tutorial on my shading style, as well, so I may do one on that, too.



    Great pose on St. Sapphire. That mask is pretty killer too! :D



    Here’s my attempt at a tutorial on making sparkles, or as I prefer to call it, “shine”. All you need is the following:
    All of these are white gradient of various sizes. They are in order from left to right and top to bottom: 2×2, 2×5, 10×1, 1×10, and 10×3 faded a bit.

    Put them all together and you get this:

    Taking it out of headshot mode, it looks like this:
    I threw in a couple of others for a little variety. Try out some different lengths, widths, and colors and see what you get.

    Hope this helps!


    Herr D

    Pretty good. You might copy it into the Tips & Tricks section.



    Here’s my entry to Contest #50:


    I slightly redesigned Red Bat by giving her a mask instead of a helmet and I took away the belt. BTW, this is a kung fu dragon stance.



    Getting sick of Red Bat? Too bad! Here’s St. Sapphire and Red Bat, aka, “The Darling Duo”, in a playful, sexy pose.


    I changed St. Sapphire’s mask because it’s hard to do it from another perspective, and I ended up not liking it as much as I thought. I also took away the two-tone look and made her suit one color. Originally, I was going to give her some type of jet pack but decided her propulsion would come from her hair. Don’t ask me how, it’s all very science-y.

    I had a lot of fun creating the gratuitous butt shot. Both poses came from artist Warren Louw who does great comic illustrations. St. Sapphire was based on a Black Canary picture he did and the Red Bat off one of his original characters. I wanted to do the characters bigger like this so I could have more room to work on there faces, which I thought turned out well. And, I also got my “shine” on.



    Love that pose, those two sure look good together. Laugh

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