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    @JR19759 said:

    Looks great, if not hugely witch-like. I’d say she looks more like a solar powered super heroine.

    Yeah I’m actually pretty disappointed with Aurora. I was trying to stay away from the stereotypical “witch” look and I somehow ended up on this bizarre get-up. She looks decent enough as a character I suppose but the design doesn’t really fit the character she’s supposed to be.

    I’m gonna try again but maybe not right away.



    The original, golden age, American Dream. Strong, beautiful and unfortunately slightly racist back in the day. She grew as a person though and lost that horrible trait. Sadly no longer with us, American Dream died a few years ago while defending her family from an invading alien threat. (It’s a whole thing. Don’t ask)


    American Dream is one of the few characters I was able to recover after the original forums were deleted and my computer exploded (I’m sure the two events are unrelated…) because I had already uploaded her to the Guild. Airborne being another.

    p.s. I’m also including the modern American Dream here, just for the hell of it.




    Okay, I’ll just say it.

    I kind of feel like I’m in a Heromachine rut. I only ever seem to create spandex clad supers these days and I used to do so much more.

    I think I’m gonna take a break from HM for a while until I can think of something genuinely original to create. I’ll probably still be around because I love seeing the great work the rest of you create but you probably won’t see anything new from me unless I’m struck by inspiration.

    Engaging lurking mode.



    Have fun … and inspiration will certainly hit you with a hammer. Laugh



    I haven’t made something new in more than 3 weeks!That might be the longest since Hurricane Sandy when the power went down for 2 weeks.But I have the time and the power,just not the creativity.So I feel the same ,it happens to all of us!It will come to you,and taking a step back is the smartest thing to do!you’ll see!Cheers!!Wink



    @Scatman said:

    I haven’t made something new in more than 3 weeks!That might be the longest since Hurricane Sandy when the power went down for 2 weeks.But I have the time and the power,just not the creativity.So I feel the same ,it happens to all of us!It will come to you,and taking a step back is the smartest thing to do!you’ll see!Cheers!!

    I actually left the Heromachine community for well over a year due to increased workload, exploding computers and increasing the size of my family by one (not to mention the increased troll activity at the time). It was during that time that I initially came up with the majority of characters that you see here. It wasn’t until I started using HM again that I was finally able to give them all faces (and spangly outfits). Hopefully it won’t take me over a year to start creating again this time.

    No doubt I’ll come up with a ton of character concepts again now that I’ve stepped away from Heromachine.



    So I haven’t really escaped this superheroes and spandex rut I’ve been in as of late but I’ve still been creating character and I have a couple (4) I figured I may as well post here.



    The first of the four is Throwback, the simian man.

    Throwback earned his name after someone commented that he’s kind of like a genetic throwback to how humanity used to be millennia ago. While that’s not technically true, the name stuck.

    Throwback loves high incredible agility and enhanced senses but is constantly struggling to keep his more animalistic side in check and has on occasion mutated into a far more visibly ape like man. (which I may get around to creating eventually)


    This costume got progressively more eccentric as I went but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that it suited the characters personality so I stuck with it.



    This next one was a quick character I created for my nephew. He had been looking through my characters and took a liking to the insect themed ones like Vespa and Dragonfly (he shares my love of bugs) and asked if I’d make a new one for him.

    Sting is the result.

    I decided to base him off of my nephew and name him Vespa’s sidekick for two reasons. Firstly because she was his favourite and secondly because I could not for the life of me think of a female superhero who had a male sidekick. The few women heroes that do have sidekicks all seem to have girls. I just thought this was an interesting change.

    The design of this costume is by no means breaking any new ground and I’m pretty sure I’ve used every element of it before but my nephew seemed to like it so….meh.


    p.s. I could be entirely wrong about that whole sidekick thing so if I am, please let me know.



    And then there’s Daybreak.


    Daybreak is a monster. A human wrecking ball bent on utter destruction of everything in his path. When exposed to daylight, he becomes possibly the strongest creature on earth and has become widely known as one of the greatest threats any hero (or villain…Daybreak doesn’t make the distinction) can ever face. During his first rampage through Freedom city it took dozens of superhumans, the national guard and one incredibly lucky shot to bring the behemoth down.

    (The monster was christened Daybreak by Mercury of The Pantheon because “He breaks stuff during the day”. Simple but undeniable logic.)

    After his first defeat, Daybreak was imprisoned in a darkened cell to keep his strength in check. Unfortunately, Daybreak proved far smarter than anyone ever realized and learned the it was exposure to any sort of light that gave him strength. He used this information to orchestrate his escape and has been a consistently lethal problem for everyone he encounters.

    (Daybreak maintains a special hatred for Nightingale for a number of reasons. During his first rampage, the super strong medic was surprisingly able to hold her own against Daybreak. Nightingale’s policy of protecting life and aiding others disgusts Daybreak who is bent on nothing more than causing as much destruction as possible and sees Nightingale as the antithesis of everything he is.)


    I’ve been trying to come up with a look to do this character justice for a long time now and while I’m not entirely convinced I’ve gotten it spot on with this one, it does come close.



    OK so maybe not all of these characters are new because the fourth is actually a remake of The Hunter who, lets face it, sucked.

    This was really just an experiment for a pose and I guess it turned out OK. I’m not entirely sure such a pose is actually physically possible but we’re talking about comic book physics here so just go with it.



    The Atomic Punk

    Throwback’s pose and costume are excellent.

    Would Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer count as a sidekick? Or Wonder Woman’s Steve Trevor?

    Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable! *heart* Now I have the Kim Possible theme song stuck in my head.

    You are correct, though. Female superhero with a male sidekick is an extremely rare combination. Personally, the idea opens itself to more analysis and interaction. Same-sex partners tend to focus on “kick the villain’s butt and move on to the next one.” Modern comics do explore heroes’ psyches and egos. However, a woman as the lead is a largely unexplored and untold dynamic.

    I think Daybreak is dang near perfect. I love how he’s breaking the title in his hand. Great symbolism.



    @The Atomic Punk said:
    I think Daybreak is dang near perfect. I love how he’s breaking the title in his hand. Great symbolism.

    I wasn’t sure if anyone would get what I was actually doing with that (I could probably have done it better) but I’m glad you did. :)



    Another attempt at a pose. Here’s Damien Scott (a.k.a Voyager). Intergalactic hero and captain of the sentient ship Damocles.




    Nice stuff! Really digging both versions of American Dream. Just looked at this page so far; have to go back and look at your earlier stuff. Was throwback inspired by Sun Wu Kong, the Monkey King from Journey to the west?

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