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Not Dead Yet!

Did you think you got already rid of me? Na-ah! I'm still alive and back with a few new items for the 'machine ...02_11_2014
Hope you like them! 😉

Mad Jack's Car-Boot Sale

Man, you wouldn't believe what people forget in the trunks of their cars. From wigs to prosthetics to even their "pets"! I really hope you'll take the latter, since they gonna eat me out of house and home - and I mean that literally!!!batch5
And that would be it with the mass deliveries for a while. I'm now going to dare me to more sophisticated things, and there I will certainly need a "little" longer to produce something acceptable - if at all. 😉

Honest Jack's Used Cars

You wanted a garage sale? Well, that's what comes of it! You'll find these sweet new rides in Companions/Vehicles.
Hmm, did I check the trunks of those cars?! Hope I didn't forget anything in there... 😉

Back From The Basement

Coff coff. Did'nt you hear my screaming? I was trapped in a humongous cobweb on my way to the basement. It took me days to get out of it while hiding from that monster spider.

But hey - guess what I found, when I finally got downstairs? An old tattoo parlor! What, you don't believe me? Well, I brought prove. Therefore you'll find 3 new sets with a total of 360 (!) tattoo motives in the insignia category: Insignia/TattoosAnimal, Insignia/TattoosMisc, and Insignia/TattoosTribals.

If you don't know what to do with them, maybe take a look in this forum thread, where I posted a few characters that I've done with photoshop some time ago. Of course you will find all the materials I used there in the new sets. So, there you go - have at it... 😉
Phew, now I'm exhausted. Wait ... didn't somebody say something about a garage sale?! Hmmm....

The Remnant Sale Goes On

When I went to clean up the attic, I still found a few things that need to get away.
Hmm, I wonder what I might find if I do take a look in the basement... 😉

Winter Sale @ Mad Jack's Rag Shop

With the new year already started, the old stuff has to go to clear my stock for the new delivery of goods.
If you are interested to purchase these items, you just have to clear your cache. 😉

Body Shop Delivery Arrived

Just rolled off the assembly line and already available under "Body/Mech":
I hope you can make use of it. 😉

Woohoo – Nice Legs, Buddy!

Well, I thought some demon/dino/satyr/orwhatever legs might come in handy with certain foot items. So, now available under BodyMale / Alternate:


And since I'm gonna be away for a few days:
Merry Christmas, Possums! MSN-Emoticon-xmas-108

Welcome to Mad Jacks Rag Shop

I’ve just added a "few" items I had lying around to HeroMachine3. Hope you enjoy it... 😉

You might have to clear your cache for the new stuff to appear.