Character Of The Week: Yin- Hathor

Those of you who pay close attention to the Also Awesome section of this post every week will be familiar with the name of this weeks featuree. Yin is almost always there, but has never actually had a COTW nod until now, and to be honest I couldn't exactly explain why. It's certainly not through lack of skills. But this week she pulled a blinder with this rendition of the Egyptian Goddess of Motherhood and the Sky. I mean just look at the shading on the dress. For once I don't actually have words for how beautiful and natural it looks. And I adore the lintless insignia patterns Yin uses for backgrounds. It is a great signature effect and really makes her work stand out and catch the viewers eye. Then you have the actual construction of the costume. The head piece is fantastic, the dress simple and magnificently patterned and the transparent sections really add that extra something to make it even more special. And the expression, so regal. Kids, quick tip, this is how you get COTW. Do something this good. Because this is as close to perfect as you can get.


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