Captain Norelco!

I've theorized before that comics creators sometimes draw inspiration from objects lying around the room where they're drawing. Apparently whoever created Changeling was inspired one morning while shaving, because I swear that's a massive purple Norelco razor on his head:

Seriously, that may be the single worst piece of headgear I've ever seen. And I've read Jack Kirby comics! What's his tag line, "I warn you, I have THREE floating heads to shave you even closer"? Not to mention, if he ever falls down on his head really hard, that back spike is going to get him pinned to the ground in pretty short order. Maybe that's why he has twin jet nozzles on the side, for that extra bit of oomph needed when arising.

I also like to think that the giant Thor-like discs on his chest are actually big screw heads, likely for the purposes of cleaning out his lint trap. A razor that big, especially with three floating heads, is going to collect a lot of stubble. He probably keeps all his cleaning supplies (lubricating oil, screwdriver, lint brush, etc.) in his purple European man-bag, because you don't want those things getting dirty or rusty. Otherwise, the next time he tries to defeat an enemy by running his helmet over their chin, never actually cutting them thanks to the safety mesh, the gears might jam and then he'd really be in trouble.

(Character and image © Marvel Comics.)