Desktop Inspiration

Sometimes when inspiration strikes from your immediate surroundings, it strikes you upside the head and knocks you silly. This is particularly dangerous for comic book creators, who work in a fairly silly field already and whose immediate environment is pretty much their desk:

Calculator and Calendar Man

Yes, you’re reading that right — this is “The Calculator” and “Calendar Man”, deliciously featured on the same DC “Who’s Who” page. I anxiously await the introduction of “Blotter”, “The Stapler”, and the ever-intrepid “The Mouse”, usually found in his secret hideout, named (inevitably ) “The Mouse Pad”.

(All images and characters ©DC Comics, Inc., from “Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe” #4, 1985.)

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Jeff is a 45 year old city boy who has somehow found himself located in Colorado, fulfilling his lifetime dream of making a living drawing super-heroes all day.

4 Responses to Desktop Inspiration

  1. And the hardly-dangerous “Paper Cut”!

  2. Actually when done right (the long halloween) calendar man is a good character, cant say the same about the calculator