Another desktop hero

Ever wonder where Calendar Man, The Calculator, Captain Morgan Fear, and Prince Ra-Man would find the female member of their super-villain team "The Household Items Gang"? Well wonder no more, as you behold the terror of office secretaries everywhere, Whiteout!


I bet Office Depot just found their first corporate-sponsored super character. Take that, Stark Industries! Of course they'll have to change her slogan -- "Oops" just isn't going to cut it -- but otherwise I think she's a natural. Just look at how they even got the little curlicue on top, just like happens with a real dollop of whiteout! Clearly, someone lavished a lot of time on this character. I mean, after the initial tequila-fueled panic attack five minutes before deadline when they hit upon the idea after digging wildly around in their desk for inspiration, that is.

3 Responses to Another desktop hero

  1. John says:

    I see a naked chick with a Klan hood.

    (hmmm…”I see naked chicks…”)

  2. Chris says:

    You do know that Whiteout is also a term for blizzard conditions that are so bad that visibility is reduced to near zero? That’s what was being channeled in this case.

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    Yes, I’m aware of that term. But “She’s named after a blizzard” isn’t funny while “Here’s yet another in a long line of heroes named after products the creator saw on his desk while hard up against a deadline” is. Well, in theory anyway 🙂