HM3 minor tweaks

I just wanted to give you a quick heads-up regarding three minor tweaks I uploaded to the HM3 Alpha this morning:

  1. The manual entry box for resizing items used to be limited to 200%, but now goes all the way up to 999%. That should allow for some interesting effects.
  2. The label formerly known as "Scale" has been renamed to "Size", on the recommendation of UI specialist Mark Shute. I agree with him that this is a much more universally understood way of saying what the tool does.
  3. While you could previously click on the three "current color" swatches to change color areas just as if you'd clicked on one of the buttons over to the side, you can now also click directly on the numbers themselves to do the same thing. Before this tweak, the numbers were not clickable, creating a non-functional blank spot right in the middle of the swatch.
  4. It doesn't get much more minor than this, but I added "%" indicators to the manual entry boxes for the Size tool.

One question for you all, is it obvious that you can manually change the settings in the Transform area?