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HeroMachine 3 101, Part 3

Thanks again to Hammerknight for putting together this massive beginner’s guide to HeroMachine 3! See also Part 1 and Part 2.

HeroMachine 3 101, part 2

Thanks again to Hammerknight for putting together this great beginners’ guide. This is part 2, you can find part 1 here.

HeroMachine3 101, part 1

Hammerknight did a ton of work, putting together a “basics” guide on how to use HeroMachine 3 for the beginner. I’m going to break this up into several weeks, starting with a brief tour of the controls. Thanks Hammerknight!

Living Tattoos

I’m working my way through a fantastic set of “HeroMachine 101″ lessons Hammerknight sent in, which I’ll probably start next week. But meanwhile, frequent commenter “Me, Myself, and I” put together this really cool recipe for how to do a “Living Dragon Tattoo”, a neat effect I don’t think I’ve seen before: His secret how-to… [ Read more … ]

Once more into the crapper

On a dare, Hammerknight can show you how to make your own toilet in HeroMachine 3: I can’t decide what’s more alarming, that someone drew a toilet or that someone dared someone to do it. Speaking of which, have you ever noticed how un-toilet-friendly most superhero gear is? No zippers, layers of armor, spandex out… [ Read more … ]

Magic Book recipe

Hammerknight once again has a nifty guide to custom item creation in HeroMachine 3, this time a cool looking magic book. Thanks HK!

Props 101

Many thanks to Hammerknight for putting together another totally cool guide to making some nifty stuff with HeroMachine 3. The table in particular is pretty rad, but the barrel is nothing to sneeze at. Great job once again sir!

Layering 101

Doyle’s been doing some fun stuff with, and has graciously put together a series showing how to assemble a scene there using HM3 parts. He notes that you CAN do all this in HM3 but that due to the crashing issues (hey, it’s an alpha!) it’s fairly painful to do so. Enjoy! If you… [ Read more … ]

Heraldic Shields

Thanks to Hammerknight for another couple of recipes in his Heraldry series, focusing on creating patriotic coats of arms for shields (click on either for a larger version): Great job again, thanks HK!

Heraldic Helms

With Heaps of Hallelujias to Hammerknight, herewith are Heraldic Helms for HeroMachine. Alliteration is no charge. Thanks HK, these are great as always! Click on an image to see it at the original, more legible size.