Return to the Cave of Time

A Cavernous Conclusion

After being chased by a giant prehistoric cave bear and being rescued by a ridiculously strong proto-human during our impromptu wall climbing expedition, we voted overwhelmingly to keep following our new friend Iaark into his cave to further our questy adventure: You follow Iaark into the tunnel, hoping it will come out in the open…. [ Read more … ]

To Follow or Flee?

My apologies for skipping our “Return to the Cave of Time” episode last week. I plead “Coding Fog” as my excuse. Luckily, even though I was asleep at the wheel, our intrepid time traveller (and you, his controlling public) were not sitting around idle — we decided we should send him scampering up the cliff… [ Read more … ]

Forward to the Past!

Your voice has been heard, and rather than repeating our sojourn into the future, we’ve decided to change tactics and plunge backwards into the stream of time. Meaning the stream of time is flowing backwards, not that we’re swimming backwards. Because that’s a good way to drown. Maybe in the past we can pick up… [ Read more … ]

Do over!

The votes are in, and by a 60/40 margin we’ve discovered we’re all still thirteen years old cursing at our crispy new “Choose Your Own Adventure” and flipping back and forth to more propitious forks in the ol’ decision tree. So we’re going to go back in time and undo our choice (appropriate given that… [ Read more … ]

End of the Road?

The results were tighter than I’d have thought, but ultimately we have opted to be Mucho Machon and eschew the use of our Oracular Safe Word, and instead stand by watching the ship trundle off in the loving metallic arms of Doctor Octopus’ filthy love spawn. Let’s see the consequences of our decision: Well. That’s… [ Read more … ]

Safe word, safe word!

When last we left our outer-space, far-future adventure, Doctor Octopus’ illegitimate cyborg love child was wrapping its metal tentacles lovingly around our only spacecraft. We decided to stand idly by as a witness to this Grand Theft UFO, and as a result: You watch while, like some robotic garbage collector, the spider vehicle lifts your… [ Read more … ]

To leap or lounge?

The people have spoken, and we have decided to turn down the beguiling high-tech Utopian fantasy offered by our long-skulled yet cowardly “allies” in favor of continuing our journey to cloud-shrouded, devastated Earth! Earth may not be like it was, but it’s your home. You wonder how far into the future you’ve journeyed. A thousand… [ Read more … ]

Oooh, shiny!

The votes are in and we’re heading back to decrepit old broken-down Earth! Perhaps my future as a travel brochure writer is in jeopardy. Regardless, off we go! You wake up in a tiny spacecraft. You’re in a chair molded to your body. Stars are visible in all directions. To your left and slightly behind… [ Read more … ]

Unplug, Jack Out, and Jet Off

We’re no hedonists, sitting slack-jawed in front of artificial machines that cater to our every whim and show us whatever we want and … um … OK, in THIS STORY we’re not hedonists! At least, according to the votes in our last installment of “Return to the Cavern of Time”. So we respond to the… [ Read more … ]

Back to the future!

For those of you not interested in the Open Critique Day, I thought we’d continue with our “Return to the Cave of Time” story. When you’re stuck in a cave with a wild-eyed old man featuring a glowing hand and magical time-altering powers, it’s good to be optimistic. Which apparently we are, as we decided… [ Read more … ]