Lone Wolf: Fire on the Water


We left our intrepid Lone Wolf Cub dithering in the cabin of his ship’s captain while a fire raged in the hold, pondering whether to search the cabin or follow the leader upstairs. By almost a two-to-one margin, we have apparently decided our adventurer is the Straight Arrow type. Thus, up to the deck we… [ Read more … ]

To pilfer or pursue

Our little Lone Wolf Cub was last seen facing a wall of smoke issuing from the belowdecks hatch of his very flammable ocean-going vessel. Faced with the decision to run to the nearest Daddy Figure for help or to charge into the very teeth of danger, you can guess which way we went:

There be pirates here!

Emboldened both by our defeat of the Codpieced Cohort and by our domination of the tavern rats, we chose to set out in search of the killers of our intended contact:

Lone Wolf Wins! Lone Wolf Wins! Theeeeeeeeeee Lone Wolf Wins!

In a landslide, 100% of you have decided to take our Lone Wolf from mouse to man and kick the Brawl Brothers in their well-protected groins. Whipping our spear out from … now that I think of it, where does the well-heeled warrior stash a six-foot length of metal-tipped death when sauntering about town? Anyway…. [ Read more … ]

Nobody messes with the mouse, Goofy

When last we left our Lone Wolf cub, we were deciding how best to impress the locals. We settled on the Mickey Mouse approach: Good to know that if this whole “Cowering Adventurer” schtick doesn’t work out, we have a future in the flea circus. “Step right up, folks, and see the amazing Mouse Tamer!”… [ Read more … ]

Discpline, my friends, always DISCIPLINE

When last we left our rapidly-maturing Lone Wolf, he had been accosted outside a dockside tavern by persons unknown. After hasty consultation with the Powers of the Outer Dark (that’s us), the decision was made to try and pull away rather than introducing him to the finely honed edge of our blade. Thus: Looking over… [ Read more … ]

Lone Wolf, the Tavern Years

The stage has been set for the dramatic return and continued question of Kai, the Lone Wolf! We decided on adding a chainmail coat (+4END) and a Healing Potion (+4 END) to our inventory from the King’s armory. Thanks to some kind of oversight from yours truly, unfortunately the “Which Kai Discipline” poll didn’t go… [ Read more … ]

The Return of the Lone Wolf!

Our last foray into the world of the Lone Wolf didn’t end all that well — we got kilt. Kilt dead. But never fear! If a life of geeky comic book nerdery has taught us anything, it’s that no one has to stay dead forever. With that spirit, today I kick off Book 2 of… [ Read more … ]