Discpline, my friends, always DISCIPLINE

When last we left our rapidly-maturing Lone Wolf, he had been accosted outside a dockside tavern by persons unknown. After hasty consultation with the Powers of the Outer Dark (that's us), the decision was made to try and pull away rather than introducing him to the finely honed edge of our blade. Thus:

Looking over the list of possibilities, I regret that we do not have the Kai Discipline of "Sticking Him With the Check", as that would be a lot of fun. We also lack the Kai Disciplines of Healing and Mind Over Matter -- is that because we're completely self-centered and not too bright? -- so we're left with the following choices:

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So we can try to turn his brain to goo, we can whip out our spear (quite the trick in a crowded tavern), or we can (presumably) chit chat with the disgusting rodents currently consuming what is likely the only edible portions in the entire establishment. Perhaps we could try to recreate the Monty Python "Cheese Shop" sketch and guess what cheesy comestible they're currently serving their rodential clientele! No? Oh well, to business.

Let us know what you'd choose and why, fellow Outer Darkies!

And for those of you uninterested in propelling our unwitting dupe through his life paces, here's the aforementioned sketch for your edification and entertainment.