Nobody messes with the mouse, Goofy

When last we left our Lone Wolf cub, we were deciding how best to impress the locals. We settled on the Mickey Mouse approach:

Good to know that if this whole "Cowering Adventurer" schtick doesn't work out, we have a future in the flea circus. "Step right up, folks, and see the amazing Mouse Tamer!" I wonder where we can get a tiny chair and whip ...

Anyway, no good deed goes unpunished, as we soon see:

Those guys look pretty mean. To help you decide what to do, using our Weaponskill spear (+2) and Mind Blast (+2), we're at a Combat Value of 23 and an END of 28 thanks to our spiffy new chainmail. Our Three Headed Thug, as you can see, have a joint Combat Skill of 16 and END of 25, so we're at a +7 Combat Ratio.

I'd also like to point out that the thug in the middle is wearing the Striped Codpiece of Doom. I think that grants a +4 Pissing Bonus, for what it's worth.

On the other hand, we are obligated to fight for two rounds anyway, and it's entirely likely that combat against this Tavernous Trio will be over after three rounds.

So what'll it be?!

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