Freeway Warrior: Highway Holocaust

We spring like tiger. LIKE LASER BEAM MADE OF TIGER!

On our last episode, our ragtag band of plucky survivalists was about to be assaulted by a scraggly band of motorcycle marauders. We decided that rather than wading into battle on our shaking little chicken legs, we’d unlimber our trusty rifle and take aim at the vandals. Unfortunately it looks like at least one of… [ Read more … ]

Bikers! And not the Lance Armstrong kind.

In our previous installment of “Freeway Road Warrior But Not the Mel Gibson One Oh Hell Let’s Call It Highway Warrior Instead”, we were debating whether or not to raid the rotted corpse of the local DJ. Knowing the personal hygiene habits of your average radio personality and the virulence of the various organisms usually… [ Read more … ]

The Apocalypse Killed the Radio Star

When last we left our intrepid Freeway Warrior, we were deciding whether or not to investigate the source of a radio signal. Ever adventurous, we decided to go for it: Sadly, we do not possess a CB Radio, much to my chagrin. I think every post-Apocalypse story ought to feature these handy devices, along with… [ Read more … ]

Shopping Day, Apocalypse Style

Let’s review what we know about our Freeway Warrior thus far: while he shoots like Bullseye he drives like Miss Daisy. Which possibly renders our next adventure understandable, because when last we left him, we had decided to investigate a local air base. Some days you have fifteen screens of narrative before you have to… [ Read more … ]

Fasten your seat belts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride

When last we left our intrepid and tragically incompetent Freeway Warrior, we had decided to raid the short bus for a fan belt, chucking out our trusty altimeter. We better hope we don’t find ourselves clinging desperately to the burning skin of a dirigible at any point in this little outing or boy will we… [ Read more … ]

Raiding the short bus

Before anyone jumps on me for being insensitive with the “short bus” reference, I literally rode the short bus to high school for two years until I got my own car. It was actually pretty fun, we played Hearts and Spades for the hour+ trip every day … but I digress, because while I ramble… [ Read more … ]

borntobealoser is one smart Highway Warrior!

Apparently you still have to know math even after the Apocalypse, which frankly is a big time bummer. Luckily we have borntobealoser on our side, as he utterly dominated the keypad puzzle facing us in front of the Big Steel Door at the local university. Here was his solution: Right, I’ve literally only looked at… [ Read more … ]

A salty puzzle

When last we left our intrepid post-Apocalyptic explorer, he was deep in the middle of Fish Week (aka Freshman Orientation) at the local U. We decided to check out a large crate: Aha! NaCl, what could that possibly mean … apparently it’s the kind of thing you don’t have to know, you just have to… [ Read more … ]

College Admissions

When last we left our Highway Holocaust warrior, we were debating whether or not to explore the local college grounds looking for inebriated college students survival gear. Thus we clench our kegger close and: Now look, I’m not waiting another week just to decide whether or not to keep doing what we already decided we… [ Read more … ]

Post post-Apocalypse post, retcon edition

OK, so we died. Big deal. Characters in comics die all the time and it’s not a major setback — wait a few issues, let sales dip a bit, then you’re alive once again and back in business. You all voted to basically imagine that we made a deal with Mephistopholes, Spider-Man style, to go… [ Read more … ]