Raiding the short bus

Before anyone jumps on me for being insensitive with the "short bus" reference, I literally rode the short bus to high school for two years until I got my own car. It was actually pretty fun, we played Hearts and Spades for the hour+ trip every day ... but I digress, because while I ramble on, our intrepid road warrior "Freeway Warrior" (because that's totally different) faced a decision as to which way to go. We gently nudged him in the direction of a bridge:

Knowing the bravery in our hearts, as well as our penchant for rushing into automotive mayhem, I made a command decision to go ahead and check out the vehicle.

Hey, "loot"! I don't know anyone who's not excited by the prospect of acquiring a new fan belt or spark plug. Why, how fondly I recall our own wonder-filled sojourns into the depths of the local dungeon in my D&D days, drooling over the prospect of finding The Distributor Cap of Vecna.

The good news is, we can take whatever we want. The bad news is, we are out of room in our backpack. Thus we have some deciding to do:

[polldaddy poll="5814526"]

And decide which of these items you'd ditch:

[polldaddy poll="5814537"]

Anything ranking above "none" in the "take" list goes in the backpack, with the corresponding highest vote-getter(s) in the "ditch" list going over the side. Choose wisely, my friends!