Post post-Apocalypse post, retcon edition

OK, so we died. Big deal. Characters in comics die all the time and it's not a major setback -- wait a few issues, let sales dip a bit, then you're alive once again and back in business.

You all voted to basically imagine that we made a deal with Mephistopholes, Spider-Man style, to go back in time and avoid Denton completely, carrying on as if we paid attention to the smoke we saw in our binoculars. Therefore, we spring back to life, Phoenix-like (the bird, not the city)!

I do not believe Uncle Jonas (surely one of the Jonas Brothers, after the teen-hearthrob phenom met the bad side of a nuclear exchange) is using "tumped" in the same way I would. But, I'm skeevy. Regardless, we chug some liquid courage and carry on:

I get an 8 on my random pick -- where were those high numbers during our retconned-out knife fight?! -- which results in:

The gamer in me has visions of University grounds littered with high-tech weapons, health power-ups, ultra-cool gadgets, and other stuff meant to increase our general level of bad-assery.

The former college student in me has visions of University grounds littered with beer cans, drunken college-age people, lawn parties, and kegs.

The cynical blogger in me has visions of a page reading "You step inside the dorm and it collapses and kills you thanxforplayingbye."

The grammar police in me wants to tell the author that in Texas, it's called "Interstate 35", not "Highway 35".

The porker in me wants to know where the hell the ice cream I was promised went to.

What does your little inner voice tell YOU we should do?

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