Shopping Day, Apocalypse Style

Let's review what we know about our Freeway Warrior thus far: while he shoots like Bullseye he drives like Miss Daisy. Which possibly renders our next adventure understandable, because when last we left him, we had decided to investigate a local air base.

Some days you have fifteen screens of narrative before you have to decide anything important, and some days you get ... this. A decision on where we'd like to shop. I envision an entire misguided "Girl's Adventure" series, where middle-aged men write stuff they think girls would want, with decision trees like "Which dollie would you buy" or "Which store should we shop at next" or even something really stupid like "Edward or Jacob".

Meanwhile the actual girls (at least, the awesome geeky kind like those who hang out here) reading it would be hunting down the nearest tub of bleach so they could wipe out the nonsense on the pages and write their own damn fiction already.

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