Bikers! And not the Lance Armstrong kind.

In our previous installment of "Freeway Road Warrior But Not the Mel Gibson One Oh Hell Let's Call It Highway Warrior Instead", we were debating whether or not to raid the rotted corpse of the local DJ. Knowing the personal hygiene habits of your average radio personality and the virulence of the various organisms usually living on them, I'm dubious that searching this rotted husk is a good idea. Nonetheless, that's what we decided to do:

Do we want any med kits? Speak up in comments either way.


Despite our shockingly low Stealth score, somehow I actually rolled well for once and we got above a 9! Maybe the Austin air is blowing a fair wind on my dice ...

Wait a minute, why is it called Stealth if they meant Dexterity? We didn't hide from the bikers, we rolled out of the way. Whatever.

The good news is we're alive with no damage, and now we get to decide on the form our swift, savage justice will take!

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Frankly I see us as more of the stand far away and shoot people type rather than up-close and personal, but maybe you're feeling especially Rambo-esque today.