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Blank Bodies for Hand-Drawn Illustrations

In the process of cleaning up some hard drive space, I came across some body outlines I drew back in 2006. I cleaned them up a bit and provide them here for downloading and printing. These are not part of HeroMachine 3, they’re just for folks who want to hand-draw (or use the computer with… [ Read more … ]

We’re a top art blog to follow!

It’s just possible I have fallen for some sort of link scam, but there was a real human being talking to me, and some of the blogs listed here rock pretty hard, so for once I’ll distrust my distrusting nature and just roll with it. So here’s the list, featuring us at #21!

Make your own pulp covers!

Thanks once again to Ian Healy for the link. But if you are a pulp fiction fan, this cool website lets you make your own covers in a HeroMachine-like interface. Very cool!

Two nifty videos

First, via Friend of HeroMachine Ian Healy comes this very cool paper animation battle: It’s unfortunate that this is basically a “boys go violent over sexualized female object” kind of story but the animation and video game/comics elements are just awesome. Second, Other Friend of HeroMachine Barbario has another of his super cool video game… [ Read more … ]

Elfstones of Shannara to be made into a television show. Good news or Bad?

(Frequent commenter, legendary HeroMachine creator, and Forum moderator Kaldath was kind enough to write up the following article today. Be sure to thank him in the comments! — Jeff) Kaldath – Today I saw within my newsfeed on facebook and update from the Terry Brooks Facebook fan page that really surprised me. Apparently Hollywood is… [ Read more … ]

Comic Book Events: Do We Need Them?

Comic Book Events: Do We need Them? In the last 10 years there seem to have been very few events worthy of actually being events. Blackest Night is the latest big event to really make a lasting mark on a comic book universe. Furthermore, it’s the only one that I believe fans don’t hate outright… [ Read more … ]

The beautiful synergy of comics

I am criticized from time to time for not doing more positive stories (a very fair criticism, I hasten to add), so I wanted to share this example of comics done exceptionally well. It’s from a daily comic strip that predates even my ancient time called “Gasoline Alley” by Frank King. In its day it… [ Read more … ]

Merry Christmas from the Batman!

Courtesy of Brian Hughes at “Again With the Comics“, I present Patton Oswalt’s take on a very special Batman Christmas story to get you in the holiday spirit. Merry Christmas! “BATMAN SMELLS” Written by: Patton Oswalt Drawn by: Bob Fingerman Story scanned from Bizarro World collection, ©2005, DC Comics.

Best Present Ever.

Hey pal! What’s that big glowing butterknife for … ? On Christmas Eve, I thought it would be a good time for us comic book nerds to all talk about our favorite nerdy Christmas presents ever. I’ll go first, but I really look forward to hearing some of your fondest Christmas gift memories. Most of… [ Read more … ]