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Power User Profiles: CKnap

I thought I’d bring back the PUP’s again for a one off lot at one of our new (-ish) forum moderators. So ladies and gentlemen please welcome CKnap.

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Power User Profiles: Nobody

Ok, I was going to make last weeks PUP a one off, but the next day one of the people I’d contacted during the original run got back to me, so here’s a bonus one. I’ve spent all week trying to come up with some sort of witty pun based on his username, but I failed miserably. So what I will say is that he is a great creator and there really is Nobody like him. I knew I’d get one eventually. But all jokes aside, ladies and gentlemen please welcome our newest Power User: Nobody.

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Power User Profiles: Jeimuzu

Well, guess what’s back. Yup, I’m going to bring back the Power User Profiles for at least this week because there was a certain creator that I just had to cover. One of my favourite creators, his style is simply brilliant, with quirky and unique poses and some truly amazing costumes (I’m running out of superlatives here). So, ladies and gentlemen please give a big hand to Jeimuzu.

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Power User Profiles: Linea24

This week’s Power User hasn’t been a part of the forums for a hugely long time, but she’s definitely made an impact whilst she’s been there (considering that when I ask who should get profiled I can always count on someone suggesting her). Also it’s nice to have another Digimon fan around, but I digress. Creator of many colourful cats and a stunning spaceship that came 2nd in last weeks CDC poll, please give a big hand for Linea24.

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Power User Profiles: Vengeance

I’ll be honest, I didn’t originally consider this week’s nominee when I first brought back the PUP’s on the basis that I thought he’d already done one. He’s got to have gone the longest between being nominated and actually getting to do a profile, having been nominated way back on the first ever PUP. Like all the best ‘machiners, he has an easily identifiable style that means you can tell whose work it is just by looking and his costume designs are always very well thought out and visually interesting. So, here you go Vengeance, this one is long over-due.

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Power User Profiles: Alexander Of Limbo

This weeks Power User is a brilliant creator (just look at the creations he’s nominated as his favourites) and pretty much a mainstay on the forums. Ladies and Gentlemen, please give it up for Alexander Of Limbo

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Power User Profiles: Cantdraw

This weeks Power User has got one of the best shading styles I’ve seen. Some of his costume designs have been a bit, ummm, risky, but I can’t think of anything he’s done that I haven’t thought, that’s a pretty damn good design. He might not be able to draw, but he sure can heromachine. Give it up for Cantdraw.

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Power User Profiles: DC-Lover

This weeks power user has got to be the most prolific writer on the forums. I can think of at least 4 stories he’s uploaded to the writers room, all of which are awesome, plus he’s currently working alongside Atomic Punk on another epic story. So ladies and gentlemen please welcome; DC-Lover.

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Power User Profiles: Delirious Al

Back when I first brought back the PUPs, I went through all of the old PUPs to try and see if any of my choices had already been done. Much to my amazement, this weeks Power User had not been done, even though I was sure he had. Maybe he was just too obvious a choice, but either way he is a definite Power User, an excellent creator who specialises in being off the wall in both his creations and, as you will soon see, his comments. So everyone give a big hand for; Delirious Al.

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Power User Profiles: FRM

One of the highest posters on the forums (although I think he may have fallen behind a bit recently), it gives me great pleasure to welcome this week’s Power User; FRM Continue reading