Power User Profiles: ExtremelyEpic

So, I am again doing another one off PUP. And this time we're going to take a look at someone who can only be described as a Mech-Expert. His work frequently stuns me, using items in ways I never thought they could or would be used. He also does some pretty kick-ass landscape works as well, which really show of his skill at atmospheric shading (if you go to his galleries one the forums or deviantart check out a pic call Trapped, it really exemplifies this. Oh and Abyss. Actually, just check it all out, it's worth it). Plus he has a very apt username. So ladies, gentlemen and mechanical lifeforms, please welcome ExtremelyEpic.

Online Username: ExtremelyEPIC

Origin of Name: I really like messing around with my friend who was also a fellow heromachinist...you might have known him on the old forum UGO as MrAlive who i also did collabs with. So...even though we are best friends and like to help each other at HM...we still like to mess with each other. He really hates when i'm better than him at something...therefore the name. He really...really hates it. But i like it so...

Photo of you in real life: Well...honestly i don't like being photographed. So the only picture i have of me is from when i was 13 and a friend of mine took a picture when i wasn't paying attention.

Real life name: Bombi Angelo

Real City/Country/State: Constanta, Mangalia

Real Age: 18

Gender: Male

Relationship Status: Single

Online archive of your creations: http://www.heromachine.com/for.....over-here/

Favorite Artwork:

Favorite Geeky Movie: Anything Sci-Fi.

Favorite Geeky TV Show: Again...anything that's Sci-Fi.

Favorite Comic Book Character: I don't read that many comic books so...i don't really know.

If You Could Have One Super-Heroic Power In Real Life: Well...having an Iron Man type suit. Just thinking about that makes me smile. Or having some sort of human augmentation,like a cyborg or having a huge mecha.

In Your Leisure Time: I like to go swimming. Like...a lot. You can practically say i'm obsessed with the ocean...even though i'm terrified of it when i get in deep deep water. Blame Kraken.

Character Design Turn-Ons: Anything with cool armor design. Colors that go well with each other. Cool poses/perspectives. Awesome backgrounds.

Character Design Turn-Offs: I really don't like overly colorful designs unless they're done right. I hate anything that's like...red hands then blue head and green feet. Stick to a color pattern...sorry.

Any Personal Message You’d Like To Share With The Heromachine Community About Geek Life: If you get bullied for the fact that you're into super heroes or comic books just play along with their jokes...can't say it works for anyone else but I've had my share of bullies and confronting them usually made it worse...almost got kicked out of school once. But whenever someone tried to bully me i just played along and it ruined their amusement. Fun fact: i'm pretty good friends with those bullies now.

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