Power User Profiles: Vectorman316

You know when I said that last weeks PUP was going to be a one off? Yeah, I lied. Considering that this weeks Power User has featured in pretty much every poll for every character design contest he's entered, and won 3 of them, I feel bad that I've neglected asking him to do a profile for so long. Thankfully, that shall be righted now as we welcome the newest member of the Power User club, Vectorman316.

Online Username: Vectorman316

Origin of Name: One of my favorite games when I was little (and still to this day) was Vectorman 2 for the Genesis. Add that to my favorite number, 316, and there you go.

Photo of you in real life: If you insist…

Vectorman316 Pic.aspx

Real life name: It starts with a “J”…or is it a “V”?

Real City/Country/State: In Florida somewhere

Real Age: 21

Real Job: YouTuber (It’s a job in a sense)

Gender: Male

Relationship Status: Single

Online archive of your creations:



Favorite Artwork: I'd say this one


Favorite Geeky Movie: Probably Mystery Men…or Blade…or Batman Forever *enters fighting stance*

Favorite Geeky TV Show: Is Samurai Jack geeky?

Favorite Comic Book Character: Wolverine, Venom, and Scarecrow

If You Could Have One Super-Heroic Power In Real Life: I always thought shape shifting would be really fun. Or Cole McGrath’s powers from inFAMOUS.

In Your Leisure Time: I usually draw, listen/create music, play vidya games, or go on YouTube for days at a time.

Character Design Turn-Ons: Unique/ambitious use of the pieces in the Machine. Like using heads to perfect poses or using a bunch of small items to make a giant robot. Also, creative poses and shading are always great in my opinion.

Character Design Turn-Offs: I can usually forgive most design flaws, as I understand the creative process and how some things take time or can just completely escape you, but anything with a “Fisher-Price” color scheme is an immediate turn-off.

Any Personal Message You’d Like To Share With The Heromachine Community About Geek Life: If you’re a geek and/or like geeky things, CLAIM THEM! Don’t let anyone make you think you’re wrong for liking the things you do. Don’t let people have that kind of control over you. If someone steps to you all like, “Hahaha, you like *insert interest here*, you nerd!” hit them back with a, “Damn straight…” If it helps, imagine the theme from Kill Bill playing as you walk away.

Mod Note: Sorry for not getting this up yesterday guys, I haven't been feeling well for the last couple of days. Very nearly missed posting this weeks CDC because of it. If you have any suggestions for any other Heromachiners you'd like to see profiled, just say in the comments of PM me on the forums.

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