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Open Critique Day #H13

Here it is, time again for OCD. Let us see what you have been working on, and we will be happy to give you our opinions.

Weekend Open Critique Day #H12

Here we are again. Today is a day to share with us your art. Post it and we will be happy to help you out by making suggestions.

Open Critique Day #H11

Here it is again, time to let us see what you have been working on.

Weekend Open Critique Day #H10

It’s time again for a weekend OCD. Let us see if we can help you.

Open Critique Day #H10

HMers’ Assemble! Come forth and show us your art. Take down the evil doers by asking for help with any troubles you are having. Take giant leaps and bounds over the obstacles that are holding up your art work. With comments comes great critiques. (Sorry Stan Lee moment there) Bring it on, show us what you have and we will tell you what we think.

word balloon POW



Weekend Open Critique Day #H9

Another open critique day is under way. Show us what you have been working on all week. Ask for help and guidance. We are here for you.

Open Critique Day #H8

Here is your chance to show every one what you have been working on. Be it HM designs or any other forms on art you may have. So post what you have and there will be a lot of happy people willing to tell you what they think about it. Keep it clean this is a family site. I might add that it is one of the best sites out there, it is the friendliest and family setting on the internet. Voted number one internet site out there by, Jeff, Kaldath, and Me.

Open Critique Day #H7

I’m going with an open critique day today. I am going to move the “Color My Character/ Strike a Pose” challenges to Fridays and I’m bring back Open Critique Day to Thursdays and will have a weekend Open Critique day on Sundays. After very little participation for in “Kids Korner” I am going to take it off of my weekly program.

Open Critique Day #H6

Sorry for this being so late. We live in the country and we had a storm last night that knocked out the phone lines. Share what you have to share.

Open Critique #H5

Here it is Sunday again. So share your art with us and we will share our opinions with you. Remember here at HM we play nice with others, so say it in a nice way or please don’t say it.