Open Critique Day #11

Alright, guys! It's time for another Open Critique Day!

By the way guys, please don't be afraid to post something. This is something that requires (in fact, it's pretty much all) audience participation.

As for how this goes, you post a work of yours, finished or WIP (aka work in process, for those who are new to abbreviations), and then others give you critiques on your work.  I do not mind if you post the occasional non-HM picture or piece of writing. Just make sure that you only post pictures that are your own design and not any that copyrighted or based off of copyrighted characters. 

Also, again, if you post a work, it is highly recommended that you also give someone else a critique.

5 Responses to Open Critique Day #11

  1. Herr D says:

    After a recent computer death, I may or may not be able to recover the text for this one. I’m most interested in advice on how to make plain the foreshortening of the tentacles, to show that the vehicles are all to scale. 2nd, I’m interested in doing better on the snorkeler. Miss Tiny and the small, distant city probably need some work, too.

    It’s going to be several hours before I can get back here.

  2. Linea24 says:

    @Herr D: Sorry if this is a little late, but I had thought I posted this, but before I could check, I had exited the page.
    I’m not sure if I could be of any help with the tentacles, but I think I can with the snorkeler. You could try having her arms spread out more, like she was diving into the water.

  3. Lef says:

    Well kind of late for this :3 This character was supposed to be entered in the TGT contest but i obviously failed with time management :/

  4. JR19759 says:

    @Lef- The one thing I’d suggest is sorting out the shading circle under his left arm. Maybe duplicate it and mask one to the torso and the other to the arm. That way you get the same shadow effect, but without the ugly black blob floating around. Also, maybe add some shadow behind the plates on the boots, just to add a bit of depth and texture. Apart from that, it looks awesome.

  5. Lef says:

    Oops just noticed the blob……Im on it! Thanks for the tips JR 😉