Open Critique Day #14

Extremely sorry this wasn't up on time (again).

Just as a warning, I'm not going to be able to respond on here for most of Saturday because I have something going on in real life.

5 Responses to Open Critique Day #14

  1. Kicktar says:

    So, this is my attempt to make someone who is dressed like a woman from England just before WWI. She’s originally Egyptian, and thinks dresses are a stupid restriction of free movement.

  2. JR19759 says:

    @Kicktar- I like the face, especially the blush make-up you’ve done. However, I would take another look at the dress. The blues don’t match up, the top half of the dress is lighter than either blue on the bottom and it doesn’t fit. I don’t know if you did this intentionally (if you did I’m not sure why), but it doesn’t really work. Also, it’s always awkward to have a top half of an outfit have a solid colour with a different colour detailing and then have the bottom of the same outfit have two shades with no detailing. You could try something with the top to give it two shades without losing the detailing, such as putting one of the two shade sleeveless shirts under it and making the main colour colourless, but this wouldn’t help with the sleeves. Oh and the detailing colour is very hard to discern, it’s too dull and dark. I can tell it’s not black when I look closely, but otherwise…
    Plus, if she’s meant to be dressed like a pre-war woman from England, I would suggest finding a way to have her hair up rather than down, because that is how a “proper” lady would have worn it at the time (rather than an “improper” lady if you catch my drift).

  3. djuby says:

    In addition the dress is not particularly indicative of that period…unless you are going for many years before WW1. You might want to Google English Women’s Fashion 1910 (or whatever year) and check out the silhouettes of the period. I can see the Egyptian influence which is a cool idea, but I agree with JR when it comes to the hair.

  4. Kicktar says:

    Thanks. Heromachine doesn’t seem to have anything very 1912sy. Might take some imagination. Also unfortunate that all of the hair styles of that time period have curls, since I would prefer to show her hair as straight.

  5. WillyPete says:

    If it helps any, most of the women of the period had straight hair, and went to some length to make it curly…
    And, Linea, what is this ‘real life’ of which you speak? It sound dangerous… 😉