Galactic vampires go GLOMP?

We all realize that onomontoPOWia is an inexact art at best. Who knows, after all, what sound interdimensional demons from Hell really make when they vomit spells into the Devil’s face? Not you, me, or Jackson Guice, that’s for sure. You just try to pay attention to other, hopefully similar sounds, translate them into words,… [ Read more … ]

A super-power I'd frankly rather not have. Or smell.

So … many … juvenile jokes … from this panel: I’m all froze up — do I go for the (doubtlessly rocky and gritty) oral pleasure innuendo of the first thought balloon? The implicit fart joke of the second? The look of shock and horror on Ben Grimm’s face at his apparently complete lack of… [ Read more … ]

The sound of stupid

With thanks to Chris Sims over at “Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog”, I submit this image as evidence that the hyper-silliness of the modern super-hero comic has finally come to the world of onomontoPOWia: I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with Chris — that’s not cool, it’s just stupid. It’s the “Every panel a poster” approach… [ Read more … ]

The sound of exploding fairies

From the pages of “Elfquest” comes this profoundly disturbing image of a fairy splooging herself into a troll’s face, in what I think I can safely say is the first example I have ever seen in a mainstream comic of a reverse facial: As artists, we’re often asked to come up with odd sound effect… [ Read more … ]

It was the ocean, I was ALONE …

The combination of pirates, the hurtling-into-the-sea second guy, and the gigantic pole in the background combined with the use of the onomontoPOWia “PUD!” in this panel: contractually require me to make the following joke: “Now that’s what I call pounding the pud!” Thus proving my high school motto: “You’re only young once, but you can… [ Read more … ]


I think this is one of the more unfortunate juxtapositions of onomontoPOWia with a crotch-shot of a large, muscle-bound S&M-themed character I have ever seen: Yes, “Master Man” (that’s his actual super id, I kid you not), we’re all veeeery impressed, now close your legs and get busy with the fight. Yeesh. A commenter in… [ Read more … ]

By the Vomiting Varmints of Vogotth!

Only in Dr. Strange — and maybe a Pinky and the Brain comic — would you find the stunning spectacle of two demons from Hell casting spells on each other through the massive power of projectile vomiting: From time to time we are called, as illustrators, to create a moving visual image for some generally… [ Read more … ]

Rob Liefeld even SOUNDS bad

Yesterday’s OnomontoPOWia entry will take place today due to my being sucked into some sort of time vortex. I hate it when that happens. I’ve done a pretty thorough job of plumbing the depths of the suckitude of Rob Liefeld’s “The New Mutants” number 94, but when considering the scope of this man’s craptacularness you… [ Read more … ]

Loud enough to spin your limbs

Rob Liefeld does everything bigger and badder, from muscles to jaws to crazy-high projecting mask bits to sound effects. For instance, you can tell that this SPLOOSH onomontoPOWia is so loud it changed both Cable’s and Wolverine’s left feet into right feet! That’s some louditude, boys and girls. Furthermore, I hope you’ll note that in… [ Read more … ]


I think this is a lovely bit of onomontoPOWia, from the pages of the freshly-mocked “Haywire”: This just goes to show that you don’t need crazy coloring and Photoshopped filters to get a great effect. This scene is part of a flashback the main character is having, and the choices the art team made are… [ Read more … ]