Galactic vampires go GLOMP?

We all realize that onomontoPOWia is an inexact art at best. Who knows, after all, what sound interdimensional demons from Hell really make when they vomit spells into the Devil's face? Not you, me, or Jackson Guice, that's for sure. You just try to pay attention to other, hopefully similar sounds, translate them into words, and give it your best shot.

Having said that, I'm pretty sure that when a furry gay bondage galactic vampire bites through a cosmic-ray-altered muscle-bound, orange-rock-skinned Thing, it doesn't go "GLOMP":


Surely there'd be some sort of K type sound of a crunchy exterior giving way to the soft, gooshy Thing-goo inside, no? But maybe GLOMP is how it sounds when the Thing gets a hickey, I don't know, and the thought that maybe Jim Starlin does know frankly disturbs me.

Just to be on the safe side, I think I'll do my best to avoid both space-going galactic vampires and rock-skinned stud muffins, even if they do have gorgeous baby-blue eyes.