By the Vomiting Varmints of Vogotth!

Only in Dr. Strange -- and maybe a Pinky and the Brain comic -- would you find the stunning spectacle of two demons from Hell casting spells on each other through the massive power of projectile vomiting:


From time to time we are called, as illustrators, to create a moving visual image for some generally unpleasant things. But I think this takes the cake, because not only is it visually arresting, but it's also a wonderful assault on our hearing as well. Jackson Guice manages to incorporate two great onomontoPOWias into the duel of the horking hounds of hell and they really help bring the entire spectacle to life. I like to imagine Mr. Guice at his drawing table, thinking through all the many questions these panels raise.

  • What is the sound of a demon retching?
  • Would it sound different coming from a different demon?
  • Does a viscous stream of regurgitation make a noise when it impacts wetly?
  • Why didn't I become a fireman like my mother wanted?

Such are the conundrums that plague our souls as creative types, dear readers. Luckily they also pay the bills. I just don't want to know what kind of real-world research Mr. Guice had to go through to determine that Mephisto's effluvium would sound like "FFOOOSSH" while Satannish's would be "BLETTCH" -- "Honey, pass me some more ipecac, I need the dog to throw up some more so I can compare it to the cat."

(Image from "Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme", Vol. 1, No. 8, ©1989 Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. Roy Thomas & Dann Thomas, writers; Jackson Guice, pencil art; Jose Marzan Jr., ink art; Janice Chiang, lettering; Max Scheele, colors.)