I think this is one of the more unfortunate juxtapositions of onomontoPOWia with a crotch-shot of a large, muscle-bound S&M-themed character I have ever seen:


Yes, "Master Man" (that's his actual super id, I kid you not), we're all veeeery impressed, now close your legs and get busy with the fight. Yeesh.

A commenter in another post brought up a good point (in regards to the Jackson Guice vomiting illustration in Dr. Strange), that the letterer usually adds sound effects, not the artist. Is that still true? I look at this panel and I can't imagine Byrne not having drawn that WANG! right into the panel, it's such a key part of the design. Had he not meant it to go there he'd not have left so much space in the lower left corner.

So I appeal to you, the better-informed comics audience, in today's books does the penciler draw in the big sound effects, or is that left up to the letterer?