I think this is a lovely bit of onomontoPOWia, from the pages of the freshly-mocked "Haywire":


This just goes to show that you don't need crazy coloring and Photoshopped filters to get a great effect. This scene is part of a flashback the main character is having, and the choices the art team made are really spot-on. The way the black CRASH blends in with the muted palette is perfect, and the breaking-glass jagged lines echoing the door smashing in is great. The sound fits with the room as it would appear in the witness' memory twenty years later -- somewhat muddy (perhaps why he chose that color scheme for his armor?), all blended together, and somber.

I spend more than my share of time making fun of things here, but mostly that's because the medium has such rich possibilities I hate to see them not taken advantage of. This panel shows, in my opinion, some of the power of comics to convey a mood and set a scene. Very well done.

(Image from "Haywire", Vol. 1, No. 1, ©1988, DC Comics, Inc. Michael Fleisher, writer; Vince Gerrano, penciller; Kyle Baker, inker; John Costanza, letterer; Bill Wray, colorist.)